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AirPods for Android?!


Now that the headphone jack is dead… exploring the best wireless earbuds for Android!

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Google Pixel Buds:
Jaybird Run:
Jaybird X3:
Bose SoundSport Free:
Bragi Dash:
Jabra Elite Sport:
Erato Apollo 7:
Yevo 1:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track:


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  1. Tarun sankar Perumal says

    atm, the pixel buds (new ones) are most likely the best option for android

  2. Anton Gerstlohner says

    Soundcore Liberty Lite, sound's ok, pairing's ok, feel's ok, battery's ok. 30€ on Amazon, worth every single cent.

  3. Naman Jain says

    Can anyone suggest any 3rd party app from Google Play Store for Android user ?

  4. Wallace Situ says

    0:42 jan 2017? If you look at when this is posted it was 2018! Marques there is something wrong here!

  5. The Grinch says

    today in January 2017

  6. kaleab zenebe says

    the yevo one
    marqus did them dirty

  7. xXbereShadowXx says

    me watching this on Android while wearing airpods

  8. Uichan Seo says

    0:41 he said jan,2017
    its 2018

  9. ItzzDC says

    OnePlus Buds!

  10. Fxdezyツ says

    3:29 I thought he picked up a rock

  11. Ishfaque Ahmed says

    What about JBL

  12. Magma False says

    Moto moto likes you

  13. Magma False says

    Get some airpods or I will cry

  14. EASTERN GAMER says

    0:20 ?? meme review

  15. popcorn cheese crumbs says

    "Going for a wireless future" Uses wire to charge AirPod case

  16. utterlytouchgames says

    You should have had Samsung's gear icon x as an option!

  17. WWG1WGA 11:11 TikTok says

    What a good app for music that is specialized?

  18. Shiny Hardc0re says

    I just realized that the intro is like a remix of I Want You ( She’s so Heavy) by The Beatles. I know no one cares, but I just wanna say it.

  19. MrSpecialjonny says

    Why are you calling them headphones when they arent headphones you dumbass

  20. Callous says

    did anyone notice?
    he said at 0:40 but today in January 2017

  21. Terry McMiller says

    Bought the airpods 2 last week. As a android user, even with the pods app you get on the playstore (free or paid) it is the worst experience I ever had with buds. No touch controls work reliable. Heck not even the stop/play works most of the time. Neither on my android nor my macbook. I have reached the point where I ordered some i10tws and I am planning to return the airpods 2. It is just not worth it. I wish vivo would sell their tws buds in Europe ?

  22. *laughs in noise cancellation*

  23. Persona who the hell am i says

    i prefer airpods 1 and 2 than pro or other brands as i have oily ears
    no chance to get better sound quality airpods with those soft plastic tips

  24. Monk says

    i'm watching this in 2020 and now i think THEY ALREADY ARE POPULAR.

  25. Palmz says

    I see you.. I see you -_- the Beatles song in the intro but a little different, I want you is the song. I love the beatles XD

  26. johnlemon2405 says

    Is anyone gonna talk about the dogshit cover for I want you (she’s so heavy) by the Beatles at the start lmao

  27. Niraj : says

    Thank me later

  28. Three Shooting Stars says

    0:40 – am I the only one that realized he said January 2017, even though the video was posted in January 2018??

  29. DaNK PaStA says

    Watching this with knockoffs fight me

  30. IconSpal538 says

    is it just me or does your ears hurt after a while of using airpods

  31. Cameron Small says

    My choice is the jbl endurance peak, they are absolutely incredible

  32. Han Sero says

    How far we've come

  33. Thariq Ahamad says

    More like airpods for the broke!

  34. Devon Johnson says

    Need to review the Enacfire G20 they sound great on Android and are under 70 bucks

  35. Ben Horn says

    What about galaxy buds?

  36. Spider Fan says

    “Nothing comes close to AirPods “

  37. Flexbloxian Gaming says

    I wish they make airpods that cleans them self

  38. Kavian Khoram says

    Do galaxy buds+ and pixel buds 2 review

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