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Agriculture Class 10 (Full Chapter) | CBSE Geography | Quick Revision Series | in Hindi


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Chapter – 4 Agriculture – Revision Series – Class 10th Geography


In this video we’ll learn about chapter – Agriculture and its various aspects. This video continues the revision series of Class 10 SST.

Class 10 Geography

Chapter: Agriculture(Revision Series)
Useful For: NCERT / CBSE / ICSE

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  1. jannat nsr says

    Northeast is not only west bengal.?

  2. jannat nsr says

    Apiculture is rearing of ?


    HW answer is Brazil
    38:35 best moment i like oho

  4. Gokul Pradhan says


  5. Piyush Jha says

    Sir kuchh toh baat hai aap me school mam ki padhai me itna maza nhi aata jitna aap ki padhai me Sir.

  6. Keshav Khandelwal says

    Digraj sir is the best teacher of Sst

  7. Ragni Devi says

    Sir , lgta h aapne kaafi movies dekhi h???

  8. Ragni Devi says

    Sir Mera v bday January m aata h??

  9. Shivani Yadav says

    Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane

  10. Dhritiman Sarma says

    gujrat is the largest producer of groundnut

  11. Saba Rizvi says

    Thank you so much sir ???

  12. Hilal Hilal says

    Sir uhh are besttt

  13. ɐ卂ㄚ凵丂卄 says

    Ans :- brazil

  14. Yogesh Katyal says

    Sir I want a PDF of this Pls its My humble req…

  15. Siddhi Agrawal says

    Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane

  16. Debopam Acharya says

    14:30 banana produce huwe bhot sare to aese nhi h ki bandaro ko bat diye jayenge??

  17. Rukhsaar Begum says

    Sir I have a doubt that, jowar is a rain-fed crop but why it hardly needs irrigation

  18. Naman Maheshwari says


  19. Aditya Tiwari says

    Sir Salman khan lauda pahle se hi bail h usse to usse bail banna q h…

  20. Smart learning with Ashish Ranjan says

    I love your way of teaching!! U go in detail and cover everything
    Dusre kisi bhi channel ne bhoodan wala part explain nhi kiya lekin aapne kiya aur yehi baat mujhe bahut pasand hai each and everything explained

  21. Sneha Tyagi says

    Sir u are amazing n awsm☺??

  22. Abha Pandey says

    Brazil is the largest producer of sugarcane

  23. Abha Pandey says

    Apiculture is rearing of honeybee

  24. Abha Pandey says

    29:11 u are funny ?

  25. Parwez Alam says

    Sir what is the diference between institutional reforms and technological reforms? sir plz tell me

  26. Black OPS Gaming says

    Sir Gujarat

  27. Black OPS Gaming says

    Sir Brazil

  28. Utkarsh Dwivedi says

    Brazil is the largest producer

  29. Anil Kumar says
  30. Santos Das says

    Sir you are genius

  31. YASH GAMING says

    jo bhi bolo aap excellent teacher bhi ho aur handsome bhi.
    jo iss baat ko mante like thoko yaar

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