Agricultural Markets by Vivek Singh

In this video, Vivek sir has discussed the issues in APMC Act of States and how Electronic – National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) and Model Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing (APLM) Act 2017 will resolve those issues.

Shubhra Ranjan IAS Study
Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad & Bengaluru


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  1. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the information. But are you sure that eNAM is updated by all the mandis? I mostly find that price information is not available and not updated. So this website is just a dead website of no use practically.

    Please confirm.

  2. Sir if enam is on a local level, then cartel is possible. Nearby traders where transportation is negligible will form a single virtual mandi. And again we are back to square one.

  3. Explanation is at it peaks!! Worth spending an hour!!
    Sir, You should have included Role of MSPs in Agriculture Produce Marketing. Apart from this everything is fine.
    Thank you Sir

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