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Access Your Computer's Files From Anywhere In The World


Want to Use Your Computer From Anywhere?

Here is a very simple way to remotely access files on your computer. This method is free, simple and works on every platform.

Download TeamViewer –

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How to Wirelessly Access your Mac’s File on iOS|Android|Windows

How to Access your Router from Outside Network

Easily Stream Videos from your PC to Android

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  1. Param Rajani says

    What if my home computer is off?

  2. honey sharma says

    bro is it working from other country also ? i m from india i want to share my computer data to south korea or any other country, is it working on that situation

  3. Tech Fusion says

    F*** AS****

  4. Mintu Singh says

    Chutiya kiyo bana raha hai

  5. Hamd Bilal Prince says

    It disconnect after 1 hour so if ur not nearby how can it connect automatically? Please answer. Thank you


    He must be rob from windows tech support in India

  7. venkataramana katabathini says

    can i share html files to another android device – thanks

  8. Rvhs school says

    Please tell a solution for syncing google drive between multiple computers, bcoz the method you have mentioned with teamviewer requires internet for both computers at same time. But in my case Internet will be available only for one computer at a time, so I'm using google drive..


    Hello sir, I want to access/just read my notepad++ file in real time on Android phone. So ,As changes made to notepad++ file on pc I am able to see the changes on phone..Any solution/or idea.. Thanks in advance

  10. John McDowell says

    I used to use Teamviewer but I have been playing with free Awesun remote desktop and I am impressed with it. Free but actually work. I think I might transition to it.

  11. Go Return says

    good job bro

  12. Agus Ependi says

    But your PC must always on and always connected to the internet

  13. Sugeetha Perera says

    It's not free if your using internet

  14. Hakki San says

    (Easily Stream Videos from your PC to Android) link is not working for me.

  15. Jitender Kumar says

    Teamviewer app is not compatible with my android device os 2.3.5 . Then, What should I need to do.

  16. Shefiyulla M.I says

    Thank a lot dear.

  17. RAGHAVENDRA P says

    hello sir iam raghu iam also doing computers sales and services in my hometown.very recently i saw your tech videos i really impressed lot and also liked it.so sir i request you to plz make a video for usb tethering for jio phone(keypad) to pc accessing internet for win7/10 hope u do so.iam waiting for your response sir.thank u

  18. Nesamani R says

    For this the laptop shall always be ON & connected to internet, is n't it?
    But the cloud services, does not require the laptop ON always….

  19. Younes Ma says

    Is it true that people were hacked, using this software ?

  20. Rishav Raj says

    But are we not risking our data privacy.. to the app. Owner…

  21. hamidreza rafiei says

    Thanks for video and great job man

  22. computer hardware says

    Anydesk there is also another but the real way is your own through your IP only

  23. Brhanu Gebrhana says

    How to display all computer fill on mobile

  24. Brhanu Gebrhana says

    How to connected android and smartphone with computer at any where or killo mater

  25. Saipavanteja says

    Can you tell us how to do the same using FTP???

  26. luci ma 321 says

    It's sooo good n goddammn informattivee….

  27. luci ma 321 says

    Bro I found ur channel yesterday

  28. Deano Essex says

    What id like to do is access my movies on my pc from a friends smart tv ?

  29. Farhad Azad says

    How to see Password of wifi, which is already connected with my phone…

  30. Pritam Roy says

    welp you're frickin creepy

  31. Karthik Sandiri says

    Can you give me a video about FileZilla and WinSCP FTP configuration process, I need to access entire drives from my Desktop to laptop and laptop to desktop as well as my andriod phone also.
    it is possible to access files from andriod using http://FTP.. is there any app like that in playstore

  32. Ss Zone says

    Thanks bro

  33. Latavish Gardner says

    isn't this the same program that Scammers from India uses to "troubleshoot" victims computers?

  34. All in one says

    Both device me internet connection hona chaiya

  35. Rafin Sajjad says

    An Indian is doing a tutorial on remote desktop from anywhere in the world. SCAM ALERT.

  36. kumar mangalam says

    Please make it little simply, I was high watching this, so couldn't understand.

  37. Arun Kumar says

    Possible to control the remote pc.i mean not just file access?

  38. Entrepreneur Pk says

    If computer is off then?

  39. Ali Hassan says

    But How to Hide session from my computer

  40. Exotic Criminal says

    Hedgehog haircut

  41. munternet says

    anydesk is better for me. Teamviewer told me I was commercial and stopped me using it once I had it set up on my pc's.
    They did the same to my friends

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