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  1. DaiamondoRobotto says

    (C)2022 GMA Network Inc.

  2. 300 YouTube Subscribers says

    I saw a 2011-2013 ABC logo online on LogoWikia so can you do that video please.

  3. DirecTV Miracle says

    You uploaded this between the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 release date.

  4. 300 YouTube Subscribers says

    Was this recorded from the abc affiliate in New York.

  5. Gm C NL says

    The bass kick in the beginning 😀

  6. Priscilla Booker says

    America's Funniest Home Videos

  7. Jillips Entertainment says

    ABC has changed their logo to a different look now. It looks like a mix between the colors of this logo and the classic look that was used before 2007. The logo still retains the same sound, though it has a black background, and it zooms out from the circle while the orange color slowly spins around on the bottom.

  8. Arthur Vicentini says

    O logo "oficial" do SBT é 3D há mais tempo que o da ABC.
    (O logo atual é basicamente o mesmo de décadas atrás, só que essa versão 3D se tornou a principal assim que foi lançada, alguns anos atrás.)

  9. Nicholas M Daskievige says

    in 2013 the copyright will change to

  10. Bruno Lima says

    eu nem achava grande coisa, acho que é porque eu era acostumado a ver, mas comparando com o da maior emissora do mundo, o da Globo é maravilhoso! kkk

  11. Bruno Lima says


  12. Jillips Entertainment says

    What did I say from the 2010 video! I was right! This year's background is orange!

  13. Nicholas M Daskievige says

    This logo is from AFV when the Vin De Bona Productions logo came before ABC logo

  14. Yass Leves says

    Welcome Back!

  15. Margann Laurissa says

    Yayyyy! Welcome back Johnny!!!! It's been too damn long!

  16. Randomizer92mx says


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