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Abby Wambach Gets Mocked By U.S. Men's Soccer Team After DUI Arrest


Members of the United States Mens National Soccer team are poking fun at Abby Wambach’s recent DUI bust. Sarcastic remarks come after Wambach made remarks about men’s coach, Jurgen Klinsmann for bringing “a bunch of these foreign guys” to play on America’s men’s team. Players from USMT came to their coach’s defense and blasted Wambach’s on social media following her bust. Cops in Oregon arrested the 35-year-old Saturday night after she allegedly drove through a red light and failed a sobriety test.

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  1. Rettenetes Chairman says

    possibly the best muffdiver of her his generation, especially when hammered.

  2. JasonXME says

    Looks like steroids have taken over her life.

  3. Gregory Ansell says

    I love how she’s crying in her mug shot

  4. Angel Antonio Fernandez says

    Now she killed joel

  5. obed soto says

    Wait , she??

  6. King Beef says

    35? She looks 50

  7. Kukri XD says

    It’s amazing on what her talent is and I respect that but I don’t like the insults from both sides of the men’s and women’s teams my dream is to be an American professional soccer player but the toxicity between teams will eventually make them both crumble

  8. Koray Jefferson says

    It's funny because the mens national team hasn't won a trophy unlike the female team lol. Talk about trash talking. But at the same time it's funny that they mocked her lol

  9. Fernando Torres says

    But the Man U.S Team never went World Cup

  10. Ta Hsoh says

    The U.S men soccer team suck

  11. live, love and mostly laugh says

    you wanna know whats scary her sister is my teacher.

  12. Amar Brozovic says

    If this a male soccer player all the feminist would calling him out but if it's their own they don't say anything and plus most female don't even like female soccer and female basketball

  13. Kevin Hudson says

    Nope is was fasho the beers fault sorry

  14. Noah Smith says

    If a player, man or woman/lesbian, gets a DUI, they shouldn’t be allowed to still play.

  15. indoctus41 says

    Never understood the "I take full responsibility" line. Does that mean there was an option?

  16. fur king el says

    looks like a bloke

  17. Finn Green says

    It’s called football not soccer

    Come at me Americans

  18. Mateo Vulaj says

    Equal amount of jail time please?

  19. Mine Finder says

    She looks like James Cagney.

  20. Joey Turchetta says

    Funniest part is I was good friends with her “child” on my XC team. Can’t stand the kid now and her whole family. Just privileged and hypocrites.

  21. Iman Yasir says

    She looks like pagan min from far cry 4 lmao

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