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A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa (Audio)


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Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
Cause she a fashion killa, and I’m a trendy nigga
I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
Her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
I said her pistol go (bang bang, boom boom, pop pop),
Cause she a fashion killa, and I’m a jiggy nigga
I said

Rockin’, rollin’, swaggin’ to the max
My bitch a fashion killa, she be busy poppin’ tags
She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce & Gabanna
I can’t forget Escada, and that Balenciaga
I’m sippin’ purple syrup, come be my Aunt Jemima
And if you is a rider, we’ll go shoppin’ like mañana
Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama
She jiggy like Madonna, but she trippy like Nirvana
Cause everything designer,
Her jeans is Helmut Lang, shoes is Alexander Wang
And her shirt the newest Donna, Karan
Wearin’ all the Cartier frames
Jean Paul Gaultiers cause they match with her persona

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  1. Nikita Smyrnov says

    still good in 2020

  2. Ilan avishay says

    this song hits you differently in the night

  3. Wa.tashi_ • says

    Funny how people are now discovering this song now ?? the kind of song you’ll see in fuck boi and thots stories

  4. zeqa says

    Damn… 7 years.

  5. H Hh says

    Go yard by the trunk

  6. isaiah Varela says

    I remember I dedicated this song to my 4th grade gf

  7. DrizzyPlayZ says

    This song allows me to ge myself around people

  8. Vivian Tracy says

    still listening in 2020

  9. Jorge Garcia says

    Dang bro. Brings me back to 13 year old me always walking around town with the homies doing dumb shit?

  10. Gabriel Gabeee says


  11. fried chiken says

    The beat sounds like tooth paste

  12. Dylan Bennett says

    This is like straight trash to me for some reason idk its just boring

  13. samantha დ says

    Still listening in 2020 ♥️

  14. Isaac Brown says

    Time fly's so fast.. These were good times and so are the times we are living in now.

  15. Ryan Ortiz says

    Hella memories to this

  16. Rex97 says

    This song is in my head when I see my crush.

  17. Tay Jee says

    Timeless is the only that comes after hearing this

  18. SickBoi says

    theres something about this song that makes me happy everytime good vibes during these times

  19. Keef Diego Sosa says

    Still Fucking slaps in 2020?

  20. Ayo Fabricio says

    my shit ! still bumping 2020

  21. Lars sema says


  22. Serhito says

    Если б этот трек вышел сейчас, то он был бы ещё популярнее

  23. prod. sneaky says

    still a bop

  24. Rayan Alves says

    Its my favorite song in gta ?

  25. Wolfgang porsche says

    2012-2014 was something else ??

  26. stergeon wrestler mcarthur says

    Just quit smoking weed growing up daily if weed works for you keep it up but if you feel stuck just remember that alot of us feel stuck and people have come from worse circumstances than you and come back strong dont give up

  27. Jay H. says

    I sing this song like I’m a fashionista even tho I wear knock offs

  28. Broderick Alexander says

    Can’t believe this song turns 7 years old in a couple of months

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