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A LAGGY DREAM.. w/ Terivent [Football Fusion Funny Moments]


A LAGGY DREAM.. w/ Terivent [Football Fusion Funny Moments]


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Thank you to Terivent for helping me with this video!
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Hello Everyone, If you haven’t seen me before i’m DimeMeQ, I post Football Fusion mainly, and sometimes post other roblox games, minecraft, and other games like among us or fall guys. If you’d like to see one of your video ideas happen in a video then leave the idea in the comments and ill be sure to try to attempt to do it. If you’ve seen me before welcome back to my channel and thanks for clicking on the video. I post every other day and sometimes I might do a week of daily uploads, make sure to like the video and subscribe and comment more ideas/encouraging words, and peace out!

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  1. Terivent says

    hey thats me

  2. Isaac Ryu says

    Wait its 1st and 10 now?

  3. Melscreation says

    This was pre-recorded wasn't it

  4. fires7000 says

    fzires was here

  5. colidoz says

    Welp rams lost so…

  6. Yng Carlo says

    When was this video created cuz it says 1 and 10

  7. P Man says


  8. xcoolbanana says

    This is before the 15 yard update

  9. TG RANSOM says

    i made a account named "LaggyMeQ"

  10. Jaltz_cap says

    Dime I’m watching kuroko no basket so.. uhm

  11. Hawk says

    1st and 10 0_0 old videos!!!

  12. Adaptive_Atlas says

    i aint even watch the video yet i commented

  13. XYZ_ Shark says

    Me: Has 10GB per second.
    Also me: gets into a game
    Me again: plays like I have internet from the 1500.

  14. Lorenzo Devito says

    I still mosses you yesterday dime, btw it’s Cuba 4444 on my alt

  15. BOSS Wwesuperstar says

    Videos so good keep up the good work!

  16. Faraz Rahat says

    Wait is this prerecorded? Cause it’s always 1st and 10 or did they change it back

  17. SaucySmith says

    When dime takes so long to edit that the jersey numbers are the old font smh

    Still a hilarious and banger video tho

  18. Ace Ward says

    Yo what’s up dime me

  19. Botz Global says

    hey dime

  20. Landon Hodge says

    no, terivent sucks and is bad

  21. Sirqwesome YT says


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