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A football game but it’s played on a BOAT


Just your everyday football game played on a BOAT

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Today, we play retro NFL Fever 2004. It’s definitely an interesting throwback sports video game

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  1. RBT says

    notification squad lets all assemble and create the worlds largest conga line

  2. Tom Holt says

    Peyton Manning was on all the NFL Fever Games from 2002 onward. Mark Brunell of all people was on the original version from 2000. Don't sleep on NFL Fever 2002, which was a pretty solid launch title for the Xbox.

  3. Matthew Nicholas says

    His from my hometown Mobile AL

  4. Daily Dose Of Football says

    "This video is almost age restricted." You're making sound like it.

  5. Burberry Terry says

    U keep on running so far back

  6. Larry Lease says

    calling it a boat a serious insult. It's a aircraft carrier. Gotta show some respect.

  7. Lamar Robinson says

    Fever was 🔥

  8. Sometimes It Be Like Dat says

    You talk like Jesse Pinkman, the before version.

  9. Vash the Flash Stampede says

    I think xsn made a tennis game top spin

  10. Jennifer Gray says

    U are right your iq is so low you think an aircraft carrier is a spaceship it even said aircraft carrier when you selected it

  11. sportstlk cards says

    Imagine playing football on a freaking spaceship! Lmao it’s a aircraft carrier

  12. madd3nPATloopz says

    I'm from mobile tooooooooo

  13. Taco Blude says

    video starts at 11:37

  14. Troy God says

    The uniforms aren’t white. Yo shit just tweakin

  15. Team Interstellar says

    That’s not a spaceship

  16. Jon S says

    They used to have crazy stadiums like that in some of the older Madden games, you just needed cheat codes to use them.

  17. JTHudd says

    Hey since the USS Alabama is in Mobile, you could say you’re playing on there

  18. Michael Northern says

    You’re not on your home ship. Samurai Stadium would be your home ship.

  19. RandomCrix says


  20. qt Pump says

    I loce RBT because of videos like this like calling an aircraft carrier a spaceship

  21. PoOp BuTt says

    Where my ppl from alabama

  22. sebas_ 2gamer says

    I was born in Mobile, Alabama

  23. Travis Keyton says

    Am i the stupid one or did he just call that fucking naval carrier a fucking spaceship come tf on bro u sound so fucking stupid

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