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A DRY HOPE • Short Film on Regenerative Agriculture


Amidst an ongoing climate change induced drought in Australia, Khory Hancock (Environmental Scientist) discovers hope in the dry. This journey explains the key principles of regenerative agriculture, a farming practise which aims to restore ecosystems and people to full health.

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  1. billiebaz says

    Another little critter that needs some of the media spotlight is the methanotroph.
    A bacteria that eats methane. They too suffer from soil degrading farming practices such as synthetic chemicals, cultivation and overgrazing

  2. Pilotcarsvc says

    SEED Plant seed. That simple

  3. Ivan Kinsman says

    My question is will even regenerative farming help farmers survive in an era of climate change? At least these farmers are better placed to adapt to it. / http://www.rainwaterrunoff.com

  4. Ivan Kinsman says

    Regenerative agriculture is one solution to farming in drylands – now experiencing decreasing rainfall patterns – if a farmer can use their livestock in a planned grazing system / http://www.rainwaterrunoff.com

  5. Kelly Rodgers says

    Man this is so inspiring and fills me with confidence that our environment will be improved. A wonderful contribution the the global push for a brighter future for our planet. Thank you and please keep going.

  6. Tina Dudley says

    Khory your hot.

  7. Karl Degraa says

    At least two principles are difficult to implement with modern farming methods, especially broad acre farming. Reducing chemical inputs and increasing vegetation diversity is difficult. If a farmer just say bought a $300k harvester of a certain plant, they will be interested in harvesting this plant. So they will want to grow as much of this plant as possible and use whatever methods they have to.

    The plant could be wheat, oats, potatoes, oranges or trees. It doesn’t matter. Modern agriculture promotes monoculture and nature does not like monoculture.

  8. Sebastian Wolff says

    Using the cattle to destroy the steep banks – genius. Cheaper and more holistic than machines.


    Come from the username, stay for the content😂

  10. Ross Temple says

    I made a petition, please sign it and pass it on.
    URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/whos-boards-these-mega-food-companies

  11. Brandon Musser says

    I don't see anything for DoubleDown

  12. Sam Lair says

    The hard part is getting it turned around; but, once you know what the right direction is, then you can get started. And you’ve taken that step. Bravo!
    Search: doable drawdown solutions

  13. Shell Ducker says

    Well done to look forward and not backward to farming, as the world evolves so must our thinking. Also with cropping, how consumers are becoming intolerate healthwise. Everything is linked and progressive thinking in a holistic manner is the way forward.

  14. dou40006 says

    And plant some trees in these naked lands to reduce erosion brakes wind

  15. Gigi Garcia says

    Regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and no-dig/no-til can change the course of our planet in less than a season. Look up videos by: Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, Charles Dowding, and the RED Gardens experiment. Also, SARE and "bio-intensive, high density rotatiinal grazing." In the US, it has been a movement now for a few years. However, corporate chemical company pressures, media, and federal corruption keep the image of industrial agriculture at the forefront – making the public believe that their way is the only way (like commercials that tell people that GMOs and synthetic proteins are the only answer😔 )…

    Little by little, it takes a great deal of time using grass roots initiatives and YouTube/social media to help farmers understand that they can INCREASE yields and ELIMINATE up to 80% of their operating expenses while creating a pristine ecosystem – by simply working with nature.

    A great example of this is a Justin Rhodes YouTube video called "$60,000 on 20 acres with pigs." There are hundreds more like it, but that one is my favorite.

    Sustainable, regenerative agriculture is the answer to everything from cleaning up polluted areas, to water conservation and even ending global food crises. Thank you for posting this video. I hope you are able to connect with some of the ones I mentioned, as the best successes come from folks collaborating and sharing information internationally 🌿💚

    Some recommendations:








  16. Doitgood52 says

    All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.. Geoff Lawton.. permaculture design principles are well known and should be implemented by all farmers/land guardians immediately if not sooner!
    Water/food/energy security at a local level is gained through DESIGN!

  17. Shamg33 says

    This is a small step in the right direction, but the Peter Andrews Natural Sequence Farming is some of the best knowledge to date. We need a big change in agriculture and need it to happen now. 👍🏼

  18. Gsmgsa says

    You're speaking of nourishing the soil with new biological material always while burning the barely visible organic material in the area. That's s&%P1d!!

  19. papas99 says

    50th 😉

  20. Dee Love says

    2 things I love: our beautiful planet and cowboys! Haha! 💖🌏🌎🌍💖

  21. mtnmanrab says

    Everything in this video is right except your understanding of CO2. CO2 is food for plants and the atmosphere is low at this time geologically speaking. CO2 has no effect on climate change. The agriculture reinventing itself is helpful to stop desertifcation by working with nature and herds of livestock…

  22. Chelsea Hopkins-Allan ART says

    Awesome. Well done.

  23. SoilsforLife says

    Fantastic video.

  24. 55points says

    Great video Khory.

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