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A Diehard Android User Switches To The iPhone XS


After using Samsung Galaxy phones for five years, Business Insider’s Manny Ocbazghi has decided to make the switch to the iPhone XS. We followed him throughout his journey adjusting to Apple’s ecosystem, iOS, and the new iPhone gestures.


#iPhoneXS #SamsungGalaxy

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A Diehard Android User Switches To The iPhone XS

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Star Loves Strawberries says


  2. Leroy Glass says

    Give him an OnePlus 6T or a Samsung S10.

    This guy was stuck on Android 7.

  3. Leroy Glass says

    This guy is far from a diehard Android user ?

  4. Kamron James says

    i m pretty sure he is virgin

  5. Ella -Jane says

    Does he realise u can just scroll down the phone screen click the wifi button then it’s the same as android lol

  6. SCP-999 says

    GROW IPHONES!!!!!!
    but i want a newer model because the home button me not likes

  7. michelle omoni says

    His legit not giving a reason why iphone is better than samsung and this looks forced lol

  8. michelle omoni says

    I bet he went back to android after he got the s10.

  9. Arun Das says

    Iphones are for dump pampered rich kids.

  10. Parth Patel says

    Apple products are always good.??

  11. Gabe Gramblicka says

    This guy couldn't spend $9 on the cheapest thing apple sells

  12. TYler_ SChecter says

    iOS 14 is a game changer

  13. Progressive Libertarian Viewer says

    He definitely should've gotten that bezel less S8. Left at the worst time

  14. Manel 1906 says

    I had the iOS in 2015 until now and an Android from 2019 and iOS > Android

  15. XenotrickX says

    Well widgets are on iphone now

  16. Asian Gamer says

    I’m thinking of switching to the s20 ultra

  17. Rabindra Pradhan says

    Widgets on ios….can use now?

  18. C C 44 says

    I’m going bk to Samsung I don’t like iphone

  19. Sri Wiryatmo says

    Pleash apple to apple to comparing something crak stuuf…

  20. Zakarea Ali says

    I eat corn

  21. niklas johansson says

    OXYGEN OS ONEPLUS feels like a bridge between the two

  22. niklas johansson says

    You say 120 dollar headphones are expensive, how do you feel about a 1200+ dollar phobe

  23. Rishabh Shukla says


  24. Yeleraki says

    He made his friends happy, that’s why I don’t care abt the switch.

  25. Devon Breezee says

    I’m a diehard Apple sheep but I can respect android users. It’s a phone. Apple has good features, and so does android. Sure it’s a pretty heated topic, which I jokingly get involved in sometimes but, I wish we could all just get along. At the end of the day, it’s an argument over personal preference

  26. Lotfi Mosbah says

    Samsung the best ❤❤❤android ❤❤❤
    Iphone ????????

  27. hoorulain says

    “ I have go all the way into the settings it’s like at least or five button presses before I get to where I can connect to WiFi “
    I have feelings he doesn’t know about the control center because I can easily to WiFi

  28. leapshot says

    You can swipe and turn on and off Wi-Fi too on iPhone

  29. Dirty tamato says

    So long story short, your a liberal now

  30. Yash Chauhan says

    0:31 now that feature is on ios 14

  31. Kai The guy says

    2:42 is anyone gonna tell him…

    control center

  32. M Livehd says

    0:29 Well you’re in luck! 1 year later, Apple released the beta for iOS 14 which has widgets!

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