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A Day in the Life of an Italian Football/ Soccer Academy Player


This video shows a day in my life. I am currently playing soccer/ football in Italy for a local academy. It is not a professional Italian academy. We play against some pro academies, but we aren’t in a league. Enjoy the Day in the Life of an Italian Soccer Football Academy Player who is also an Italian student, who is studying in Italy. In the video you will see our trainings, my classes, and what I do outside of class like cook/ eat as well as some of my free time.


Football Insta- instagram.com/thekg4
Personal Insta- instagram.com/kaigalia

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  1. KG4 says

    This is getting a lot more new viewers. So to clear things up, I played for a local academy in Italy with a program and trained with some semi pro teams as well. But I’m not in Italy anymore and I’m going to Uni in the Fall and going to try and walk onto a team.

  2. Priyanshu Singh says

    Love from india dude ?

  3. Usha Deka says

    Sign me?

  4. zoro3061 says

    Stairs, stairs and more stairs… welcome to PG

  5. LANODON says

    I wish i could go overseas

  6. Neto Ibe says

    what’s the academy?

  7. نايف الحربي says

    Great job.

  8. AL TAQWA channel says

    Bro do you have instagram

  9. Glowz Du 95 says

    6:20 … music please ??

  10. CR7 Juventus says

    Him: 11 go to bed
    Me: watching this at 12. 1 hour late have to wait till tomorrow

  11. EmanuelN_ says

    ahhh la bellezza di perugia, Paolo Rossi academy bruh

  12. Cris 7 says

    I have a question, how tough are the players you play against and how are you planning on going pro through the academy? I hope you answer.

  13. Matthew Byrne says



    The small matches at the end hit different

  15. Balázs Veres says


  16. João G. says

    I could never imagine that Italians (or anyone in Europe) would take buses, instead, I thought that every Italian had a Ferrari ? — I know, this sounds like a child thinking, but here in Brazil we all grew up hearing those concepts about Europe in general.

    Anyway, great vlog, I just love that country, I wish I was born in Italy, it has a very unique culture!! ????

  17. BanDawg says

    5:33 you gotta come up again for the camera?????

  18. Mads Sørensen says


  19. Alessandro Mazzanti says

    Sempre bello poter vedere nuovi atleti provenienti dall'america qui in italia

  20. AdriX says

    Good video?

  21. pietro giribaldi says

    In Wich team do you play?

  22. 206footballers says

    chill ass video bro you taking the bus to school and training reminds me of my commute when I played juco up in Seattle, Washington. I just wish I would’ve vlogged it too

  23. Untytle says

    have you ever fell asleep going to training and you missed the stop?

  24. Rafa Borges says

    Whats the club you´re playing for?

  25. pierpalle scroti says

    Are you in Perugia?

  26. Antonio so says

    Brother, you play really well. You can do more. Don't underestimate yourself. You are loyal and you dedicate yourself to this sport.
    You will definitely succeed. ??

  27. Mizuru says

    C H E F

  28. SKYRIM _ says

    In che accademia giochi bro

  29. Aah'Niya T. says

    I like this Soccer Vlog, make more of these videos plz.

  30. haiyou shui says

    Great video.

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