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A COVID-19 Animation


How it spreads and how you can STOP the Spreading

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. king khan says

    Best video on internet

  2. Ana Burggraaf says

    Great job! Is there a possibility of getting permission to print out animation pictures to share with others? I am in a country were not many people have access to phones or internet.

  3. Aayush Binil says


  4. Unknownmortal says


  5. sakib aliii says

    Thanks for information

  6. John says

    U SUCK!

  7. DANI FAUZI says

    permission to take videos for school

  8. BlueAnimate // PurpleAnimate says

    I have to Wear Mask!

  9. Cartlain Jaynes says

    Everything will be ok !

  10. Cartlain Jaynes says

    Oh wow such detail !

  11. Reed Plays says

    Good job on this and make sure too keep up the Good work ??

  12. Farm Goal says

    Here's the link to a similar cartoon I made
    Feel free to watch?


  13. German_ Ball says

    Stay safe guys

  14. Reza Fernando says
  15. Aviator Pigeon says

    I find it absolutely lovely that you would make this, the news is laying this out with such chaos and many people are not reacting in love to help one another, your care and time that you put into this animation is wonderful. Keep up the beautiful work, God bless, stay safe :3

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