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This is a live game of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm where the Protoss makes a very common mistake…

About StarCraft 2. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

A sequel to the award-winning 1998 video game StarCraft and its expansion set Brood War, the game was released worldwide on July 27, 2010.

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  1. MaxKiel1701 says

    you sound so different in this old vids 😀

  2. Paradigm 55 says

    Common protoss mistake: not cheesing

  3. Henry Sitting says

    Saw this video randomly in recommended panel and man, that 3 years are such difference… event that weird dutch accent you can hear is no longer noticable in 2017 videos 🙂

  4. Ewan le Roux says

    My brain is breaking..

  5. Splooge McFuk says

    Wow!  Very impressive.  I appreciate all the great videos you make.  Keep it up, brother.

  6. Andrii Oleskiv says

    too much useless clicking… dislike

  7. Reason says

    Did you boost the contrast? It looks extra dark

  8. Anhima Cornuta says

    Two videos in and I'm already lovin' it! The binge goes on.

  9. Rick Von Straufenberg says

    I'm sorry, but i can't understand why you select all your drones over and over when queue units. Is there a reason for it? Thanks.

  10. vias123 says

    a lot of hot keys, you should give us a tip on how to bind keys and stuff, keep videos up ^^

  11. WanderAbroad says

    Good video but STOP the insane clicking for pete sake! Drove me bat shit crazy!

  12. Olcay Alp Bayram says

    It's a thing.

  13. UFOR4Slardar says

    your playstyle is annoying…
    clicking and selecting neverending for nothing…

  14. DesoKPB says

    This is silver right?……RIGHT!?!?!

  15. KompMan.pl says

    I dont know what u wanted to show in this match. Sry

  16. raglanheuser says


  17. gubaguy says

    jesus christ, 2 minutes into the video and i see why playing starcraft isnt fun. endless spamming, mathimatically timed out build patterns… basicaly means playing liek me who just want to have fun and play a casula game CANT becuase clealry my opponent is going to spam out 3 bases before i even have my builders/probes/whatever done.

    why the fuck did i waste money on this game, if i had known the playerbase was a bunch of spamming dickbags i would have jsut stuck to league or soemthing.

  18. Micro A.I. says

    In the end you could have contaminated the Robotics Facility 😛 Would have been brutal

  19. Aiden Crawford says

    Goddamn you record your videos so dark.

  20. Jason Clark says

    Soooooooooo much button clicking.

  21. RubberDuckGames says

    lol i can hear you mashing your keyboard in the backround XD

  22. DopestDope says

    I saw this guy playing and tried to play multiplayer of the "starcraft franchise" and failed miserably to… "hard" A.I

  23. Dan Hampl says

    new drinking game every time lowko says actualy everybody driks

  24. Jonathan Whitcombe says

    again with the damn button mashing…..CHRIST it makes it almost unwatchable

  25. Scoobert says

    What is your average apm?

  26. OmegaHunter08 says

    Anyone can explain me what the mistake was? Didnt get it.

  27. TheAnimePlaceX says

    I think you hit 250 likes lol

  28. coy vineyard says

    i play this game alittle but i cant play as fast as this guy
    i dont see how he does it lmao

  29. Fergus Hamilton-Jones says

    I am most definately a war3 player, so I wouldn't know but is seems like the first 3-5 minutes of a Starcraft match is just building up drones, choosing your tech n scouting etc. it looks boring tbh, war3 can be action packed from the start, and by 2 minutes in your constantly doing stuff with your hero etc. it just seems more action packed

  30. sunnyboy100099 says


  31. Felony says

    As a Zerg, what's your main strategy to counter Oracle Tempest / Carriers?

  32. Zaxton Hong says

    Rejecting probes LIKE A BOSS!!!

  33. Hyperdome83 says

    What is the name of this song? I love it!

  34. NiteSeal says

    how do you get several hatcheries in one control group? i have to have all them in seperate ones.

  35. TheGarga says

    Im new player St2 and i want ask why you build 2 upgrade buildings ?

  36. ok2094 says

    what are these kawaii stars around his base? ö_ö

  37. Ballball99 says

    he didn't get gas for like 2 mins is that normal?

  38. Sw4g says

    APM spamming is not beneficial, it only rewards you carpal tunnel, a common starcraft mistake

  39. DarkerThanBlackdast says

    What's the s0ng 

  40. SilentReaperGaming says

    omg such keyboard spam 😮

  41. DigitalShuffler says

    What's the point in that apm spam at early game? I'll never understand it.

  42. Sascha says

    How can i get these Stars around my base? 😮

  43. nuncet says

    so what was the COMMON MISTAKE?? zerglings just FUCK MAN, zerg is JUST EASY TO PLAY

  44. Bryan Bell says

    Haha I have killed four colossi with ling bane haha

  45. MarkaN says

    omg dat apm, cannot even watch it, let alone play like it o.O

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