A Chef Reviews DIY Food Kits Vol. 2

In the spirit of all things DIY and ‘Make Your Own at Home’, we have another crafty episode where James and Jamie get to play around with all kinds of exciting food kits. This is the perfect episode for anyone who loves to play with their food and experiment in the kitchen!

Make Your Own Haggis: ​
BottleBread: ​
The Artisan Cheese Maker’s Kit: ​
Make Your Own Chorizo Sausage:

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48 bình luận trong “A Chef Reviews DIY Food Kits Vol. 2

  1. Just here to say that cured cold meats are not supposed to be cooked. We cook fresh chorizo in cocido or BBQs but you never ever cook cured chorizo, why go through the curing process (which ensures preservation and also is technically a way of cooking like the citrus in a ceviche) if you're going to cook it. And please do not get Spanish ham (jamón serrano) near any kind of heat source.

    Give a try to that chorizo without cooking and tell us what you think

  2. Who else had issues not laughing at James stuffing his spicy meat into a fake intenstine? cuz I was half-snickering all the while. add in Jamie's side glance that the camera….. XD

  3. I think it would be absolutely awesome if there was a timelapse of the chorizo hanging, always would like to see the full process with some of these products that have to go away for a few days.

  4. This looks a lot like boudin blanc. The only reason I added the blanc part is because I know you non southern United States people won’t know what that is so you’ll google it and get it wrong.

  5. I was sceptical of that bread because I bake no knead bread (chronic pain makes kneading hard) and it takes 12-24 hours usually with all the proving to make up for not kneading it but that turned out quite good for rye bread. It must have some bicarbonate of soda in it and that's why it needed vinegar. Also I have a cheese kit I've been meaning to do but it cost me £8.95 not £20. I don't live in London though everything is expensive there.

  6. My marvellous wife just bought me the chorizo kit for my birthday today. Looking forward to giving it a shot, especially after seeing your results with it 🙂

  7. You didn't show it so I don't know if you did but I think maybe you should have placed those formed balls into cold salted water? Think I remember something like that from another youtube video.

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