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9-Year-Old Soccer Superstar Could Be The FUTURE Of Soccer!


Nine-year-old Isabella Moreno has BIG-TIME soccer dreams!


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  1. Whistle says

    COMMENT with a sport you want to see on No Days Off next time! Text us your ideas at 917-905-9069 ?

  2. Winter Meskiel says

    God given talent

  3. Nestor Alvarado says

    I don’t know why but these young good players fall down a couple years Later

  4. yanis. says

    If I could have all the support with parents and stuff then I could be as good as my full potential

  5. Aston Villa UTV Alan Hutton the Scottish Cafu says

    I understand her language but USA accent bye that WTf

  6. Jose De Jesus Garcia Avila says

    Jajaja Javier Is my friend

  7. Elliana McCabe says

    I mean I’m one year older with the same or better skill and I don’t need a private trainer to be good it’s my on dedication to the game

    Like if u agree

  8. matt mowatt says

    Her girlscout leader said im making her a better soccer player…little entitled there eh? She's making herself a better soccer player

  9. MR37 says

    Nice skills

  10. Patrick Barry says

    Amazing video ❤️

  11. Roblox and fortnite Master says

    I watch this video everyday and I look at what she is doing and it pushes me too!!!!

  12. Bob Jeff says

    She’s meh

  13. André Mafé says


  14. Nina Marsh says

    Her voice annoys me

  15. Alexander Chirva says

    IM 11 yrs old and im like 100 times better and in my soccer club People are 10 yrs older then me

  16. ROCKY says

    Notice how most people on this “prodigy” list have extremely rich parents.

  17. football studios says

    She is good and humble

  18. Stella Li says

    you should be a goalie because you are good at defending.

  19. falsh n says

    great moves

  20. Keenan Baldwin says

    2:56 She is like six right? All those medals, does she get an award every game?

  21. Adam Carroll says

    She is an amazing player but how dare you people teach her about the Brazilian way of the "Ginga" and not teach her to say "futbol"….not soccer. That's disrespect to Pele to Brazil and to her as well.

  22. Andrew Lange says

    It’s not hard to kick a ball into the center of an open goal

  23. Brody Ellrich says

    Yo i think i saw her at the illinois tournament in december i think btw i used to play for elcipse until they nroke up

  24. Adeniran Adigun says

    Chase was actually good
    And plus there kids there still have a long way to change their attitude

  25. wwe neymar says

    0:45 seconds she says thocker

  26. Beckytube MB says

    I’ve got to be honest, she’s good and not cocky in like the other kids who are that have like 20 characters aches. But, just watching the boys go easy on her when it comes to defending against her, trust me I’ve been there and if your a boy and you have a girl on the other team, you wouldn’t want to be the one guy that steals the ball or pushes her outta the way.

  27. Mark Spade says

    Check this girl out https://youtu.be/6bclsp_oNoY

  28. Manzi Mukeere says

    I am a really good footballer

  29. CP Avila says

    Better than that Brazilian girl at Futbol

  30. Nordenla Shangderpa Lama says

    she's good but not everyone has supportive parents like herself.

  31. Rachel Ramsay says

    I was playing football for 8 years

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