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9 Models on Mental Health & Self-Esteem in the Modeling Industry | The Models | Vogue


Fashion’s biggest stars open up about their mental health and the toll the modeling industry can take on their self-esteem.

Adesuwa Aighewi
Anok Yai
Adut Akech
Paloma Elsesser
Alessandra Garcia
Mika Schneider
Kaia Gerber
Fran Summers
Jill Kortleve

Director Shaina Danziger

‘Radar Blips’ &‘Anomalous Phenomena’ by Transmission Tapes

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9 Models on Mental Health & Self-Esteem in the Modeling Industry | The Models | Vogue

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  1. Vogue says

    This video was filmed before social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations began taking hold in the U.S.

  2. Meags K says

    I deleted Instagram due to my mental health- social media is destroying us ????????

  3. ZuRiMe says
  4. Patrice Marie says

    Like a lot of the …. big business world?? …. It's a dirty world! If big contracts are involved?? It's a filthy world! …. A lot of folks probably love their modeling money …. only because, they don't have to keep the job for years.

  5. Lilijana says

    Omg adesuwa is crazy beautiful and her voice is so soothing ????????

  6. cuvvm says

    why did I read the tittle "it's okay to have bad boys"

  7. Nestor Guzman says

    i think kaia misunderstood the assignment

  8. twurlywurly says

    Mika and adut look like barbie dolls

  9. chunkee92 says

    honestly (mental health issues side) i don't get why they stay in the business if they can't handle their bodies to be judged. that's literally the basis of the job. i don't know maybe i am missing something but if my job makes me that miserable i am looking for something else.

  10. A Google User says

    Kaia is a robot lol. Either she was fed these lines by her PR team, or she has zero authentic experiences she felt like speaking to here.

  11. Daria HH says

    Human is human. No matter if you’re a model or rich – we feel the same

  12. Kiara Ann says

    I love this woman rights don’t use us like objects every woman is beautiful ????????

  13. Maggie says

    the models of the 90s were truly beautiful now any freak show can be a model

  14. Emperor Valkorion says

    I would give ANYTHING to be pretty.. I know, everyone has problems, but it’s easy to talk like “your face isn’t the main point” when you’ve already won this genetic lottery…

  15. kavya kumar says

    The girl on the thumbnail is a mixture of Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello

  16. It's The Undisputed Sag Boo says

    The message behind this video is very powerful & I hope it is trending. It is sad how society have taken over peoples lives. Stay strong models & aspiring models, you're more than just another pretty face. ????????????????????????

  17. Nina Guerra says

    This is real life stories. Amazing that people now are so vocal with everything, this will enlighten new young models of our generation

  18. Jen Hall says

    Okay, BUT if you go into an industry that is literally based solely on how you look and what look is "HOT" at the moment…………

  19. Olivia P says

    Cool concept but vogue posting this is pretty ironic. Conde Naste is the epitome of problems in the industry.

  20. Harry D. says

    Guys somtimes it's' ok to have badde days I have them all the time and sometimes itsis harde.

  21. Notyourgirl시나 says

    I´m so happy you guys made this video. I really needed advice 🙂

  22. Mi Mi says

    Fully agree with Kaia. You don‘t see the bad days on Instagram.

  23. carolina del pilar merino says

    La hija de Cindy son como dos gotas de agua hermosa las dos .????????✨

  24. SheSo Styles says

    A must watch for anyone hoping to be a model!

  25. Diane Tyler says

    Anorexic men

  26. judith night says

    Sooo good

  27. C C says

    2:27 … hear that again. ????

  28. Jeims Pond says

    No male model perspective?

  29. Laura Baggett says

    YAAASSSS VOGUE Bravo on getting REAL about the industry and how it affects these sweet girls

  30. Simply Cande says

    I've been modeling for 12 years. I was never in high fashion shows nor on Vogues cover. It's sad to know that what these well known models are saying is true for everyone, no matter how great their careers are. I have been outcasted for speaking out several times and I regret it. Everyone wants to hear the sad story but no one does anything about it. Funny enough, I'm still a model.

  31. j says

    who's the girl on the left at 3:28 ?

  32. Jordan says

    Aduts voice is so nice

  33. Laurent Lasseron says

    Lol those models speaking up are the privileged ones. They made a name of themselves. Can't take them seriously. They're definitely not the struggling models …

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