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8-Player Football Minigame – GTA V Online Funny Moments | JeromeACE


Today we play 8-Player Football Minigame – GTA V Online Funny Moments | JeromeACE

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  1. The Brown Bros. says

    Next time Steve asks you to do a video of good morning say unsubscribe instead of subscribe

  2. Holden Oliver says

    jerome : vale you good?

  3. Owen Cuningham says

    7:34 when your teacher does not give you homework

  4. james mcaloon says

    jerome: a full stop

  5. Reno Vantorre says

    7:33 that face tho

  6. Cody Schmitz says

    why aint i subbed

    ha made u look

    i did sub doh

  7. Matteo Calderon says

    "Well if you remember Steve saying….. (video lags)"
    Me: yup, when his mic is muted

  8. ッPsycho says

    There ankles

  9. The rocket Delaney says

    How is duiper better than tolet

  10. Austin Bain says

    I like Jerome but I hate gta

  11. Chad Pasta says

    The guys: never a moment of silence
    Dropsy: never a word

  12. Ofc_B4NK says

    I love when dropsy doesn’t talk smack because she’s losing ??

  13. DaKangaroo says

    Can we get a jerry 50??

  14. Thunder strike says

    Nice game nice game, gg’s all around

  15. Pineapple Lord says

    This is the new rocket league

  16. Golem Guy says

    Don’t you think jerome is a little op in this game

  17. Marcus Hung says

    You Are Dipper!

  18. Philastate11beta says

    7:30 he turns into Barry Sanders

  19. tntchest Youtube says

    crappy bawl

  20. Calvin Knudson says

    Can we appreciate that epic flaming arrow formation

  21. Ruby Caybra says

    Dont lick the blast button
    "licks blast button"

  22. Shelby Byrne says


  23. jeremy karsten says

    Dropsy is saaallllttttyyyy

  24. victoria helburn says


  25. A Normal Mew says


  26. Mrpenguin says

    Their never all on the same team

  27. Xbox wolf adventurer says

    "this video is funny as the other ones

  28. Am I the only one who noticed when the start of the third round when Jerome was the ball it said panto instead of runner?

  29. toby waffle says

    rip dropsy

  30. Matthew Willis says

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Literally no a single soul:
    Jerome: DIAPER!!!

  31. Adiyan Shah says

    can you do every 1 in 3 gta vids completely optional that you dont have the fans because there is such good content and other things being missed out because we can't see their perspectives let alone hear them even it's just there is not as much to think about when its fewer people cause then we don't need to try and imagine whats going on in their perspectives, this isn't a complaint, statement, argument neither command it is just a request with things that are called facts which are more used for statements but my main thing to say is that u will not be a toilet if you dont do this its just a request yes or no are both fine

  32. Abbey Adams says


  33. Camden Anfinson says


  34. Cow God says

    Steve is a ruthless maniac that will apparently kick you in the throat.

    Sitemusic1 Ultimate downgrade

  35. Catrice Allen says

    Not throat kicking…

  36. Catrice Allen says


  37. Mateo Saravia says

    Cappy: Complaining about not being the BALL!!!

    Cappy… again: I’M THE BALL, CAPPY BALLLLLLL!!!

  38. Hamza_4826 says


  39. Carver Woods says

    No offense to Dropssy or anything but her team was just straight up garbage.

  40. Golden Banana Phantom says

    Jerome: let burn this bunder Me: what in the name of Pizza Rolls

  41. Julia Fernandez Martinez says

    Hi jerome

  42. Digian123 says

    Jerome: Just swerves in and out as the football and doesn't get hit once

    He's mastered the tactic of dodging other cars, Too bad he ain't good at attacking them head on .-.

  43. Max Rage says

    Doropsy: U guys are mean

    Doropsy at the start: U GUYS ARE GOING TO LOSE WE GOT JAZZ HAND

  44. darren jevaniel says

    What rhymes with rhyme ,it rhymes with……,…CRIME

  45. Go Reed TV says


  46. AaronK 07 says


  47. Jazzaid says

    Poor Dropsy

  48. Rachel Knight says

    Diaper baby man

    Best words of 2020

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