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7 Fashion Rules All Men Should Learn Once And For ALL


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  1. Adam Morris says

    In my expereince the best track belt for guys is Kore essentials. They specialize in men only for these kind of belts. I have 3 and there better made more styles.

  2. Conor Renton says

    "wear monochrome but DONT WEAR MONOCHROME"

  3. Johnpaul Robinson says

    Your videos have helped me so much, I feel so much more confident with myself

  4. Mohamad Islam says

    What are the trousers called 3:45 I can't tell

  5. Anonymous stuf says

    All the draggers had belts on their belts ?

  6. yt ttalker says

    i use clothes to hide my privates

  7. Jepoi Pelarios says

    Very on point. Love ur vids man!

  8. Thevi Adickalam says

    @kbreezo he like to sag his pants

  9. shahsaud khan says

    Actually they all are wearing belts ????

  10. moha bulle official says

    Plz write rules on the screen step by step

  11. Joe Mckibben says

    I think you should change the title from rules to suggestions. Cause lets be real. Real men are too confident to worry about fashion. Theyre to busy gettin work done to pay bills lol

  12. SAMEEH IQBAL says

    I love how he just always lowkey Disses Justin bieber ?

  13. Christian Sticklen says

    Wait so do I try and wear the same color or do I mix it

  14. Liam Mackenzie says

    i hate this guys voice

  15. Khalil Mehrizi says

    5:40 you sure that’s an air Max bro ?

  16. lowkey_glenn Hezekiah says

    Well, I have a question. What if your just a teenager and don't have the money for no show socks or the long socks? What if i just have ankle socks? How am I supposed to style my clothing with just ankle socks and not look like a dad??

  17. Rohit Kumar says


  18. Adam Morris says

    In my expereince the best track belt for guys is Kore essentials. They specialize in men only for these kind of belts. I have 3 and there better made more styles.

  19. Joe Kelly says

    Hey Corn hole- Grant Cardone impersonator.

  20. Mohammed Belaid says

    If you want to help me open this link https://hoop.photo/share/04PFQGuYgWXg2VBoL91Z2Qng0Gv2

  21. John Rose says

    I'll listen to thee guys When I see at least one of them on the cover of GQ.

  22. Renato De Leon says

    I got a US Polo Assn belt from your typical department store, and they got the exact same lock mechanism as your belt sponsor for way less

  23. Atlanta Claus says

    Thought that message was random starting to think otherwise ???

  24. Alwin Mark Pajinag says

    Can you talk gently, it's so distracting.

  25. Jeuel Sapad says

    So I have to say good bye to all my socks then, well almost all

  26. Eren Jeager says

    My dumb self keeps on trying to get rid of Jose’s notification in the video lol

  27. Jair Kappel says

    One word: Chinos

  28. sourav chhotray says

    "Dude looks a shrimp already"

  29. Infrared 22 says

    But you dont wear belts in some of your pictures

  30. Kisan Katkar says

    How many price of baild bro

  31. Kisan Katkar says

    Plz language change in hindi

  32. Salt Light says

    Wear your confidence, that's your best dress ?

  33. David Jerome says

    The tears in his jacket are silly. There was a time when people would not be caught dead wearing something like that!! People today spend a lot of money to look poor!!

  34. Tushar Singh says

    Sponsors: promote our hair wax
    Jose: 5 ways to add volume to your hairs

  35. LIL K.P says

    Rhetoric-The art of effective communication.

  36. DerHarbinger says

    Title: 7 Rules All men should learn.
    Video: No guys they aren't Rules but Tricks

  37. Boss J says

    so hiphop is not in…..#$%*

  38. Kaiō says

    I hate tight pants, there's no crotch room but I like having form fitting pants.
    Any recommendations?

  39. fernando quiñones says

    8. Please don't wear your shirts unbuttoned (from neck down) to the lower chest

  40. Ken Karu says

    hi, i like these shoes and trousers, are they on sale somewhere on the web?

  41. Bryan Dubon says

    Jose the type of zuniga to tailor his newborn baby's clothes so he can be stylish

  42. Yugi Oh says

    5:56 soooooo like new balances with Adidas is ok?

  43. Jace Fernandez says

    They should use the same mechanism on the Anson belt for watches that would also be a help

  44. TheSeanyy213 says

    Hey Jose, where’d you get the necklace?

  45. fungus _____ says

    shut da fuck up b you keep teachin that all the mens need to dress like fucking gay preacher or some shit like dat

  46. Mason Johnson says

    Love your videos man! You have helped me a lot!

  47. Tareq Abd says

    I see that white shirts fits you very good

  48. Neck Ripper says

    Those hanson belts are ugly as fuck jeeeezzz

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