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7 Cool Android Customization Hacks You Should Try!


One of the best things about Android is the fact that you can customize every single thing on it, be it the Android theme, icons, the notification shade, quick settings, wallpapers, volume panel, gestures and more.

Well, in this video, we talk about 7 cool Android customization hacks, tips and tricks, apps that you guys should try out.

These don’t require root access, and we are not talking about KLWP or KWGT or Substratum themes, because you know about them already and we wanted to keep things simple.

How to Install Super Wallpapers from MIUI 12 on Any Android Device:

7 Cool Android Notification Hacks:
10 Hidden Android Features You Should Use!:
8 Cool New Android Apps You Should Use – 2020:

App Links:
1. Volume Styles:
2. Ultra Volume:
3. Tile Shortcuts:
4. OneShade:
5. Super Status Bar:
6. Always On AMOLED:
7. Full Screen Gestures:
8. Fluid Navigation Gestures:

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  1. Beebom says

    What's up Notification Squad! Which is your favorite customization from the list? ?

  2. Shaan Gogoi says

    Which phone is this
    Pls reply

  3. TheGamingPurple says


  4. Anthany Wills says

    Thanks man I got my hack by Jona15601 on IG he is the best

  5. Anthany Wills says

    Thanks man I got my hack by Jona15601 on IG he is the best

  6. Gowri Sankar says

    Bro… Realme service is too worst. They are not at all having sufficient service centres. And they are not coming for pickup also. They are saying they can't come for pickup due to COVID 19. But they are selling mobile online by home delivery. It means they are not interested in service. They are interested in sales only. It is very irresponsible way with customers. I have some screenshots of realme replies those prove that how realme irresposible in service facility. They are very careless in service. Plz tell to our brothers (subscribers) REALME WORST ?

  7. vikash kumar says

    Customisation is for newbies.
    Once spent more than a month on phone only getting the work done matters.

  8. Navin mr says

    #Beebom2M ???

  9. Sonu Yadav says

    Ohh this is really helpful

  10. Prasad Madival says

    I love custom keep posting

  11. Toffee says

    I was always annoyed by the volume UI on the stock Android 10 and Ultra volume was really cool

  12. Muhammad Usama says

    That status bar customization, I used them back in 2014 on my rooted galaxy star.
    Good old days.. ❤️


    I have tried every app that to modded

  14. Shabeen Ahmed says

    Dude, how you made that always on display? I cant find that live animation in the app

  15. manish jain says

    In OnePlus , I seriously miss the HTC'S history search in contacts whenever your searched for a often dialled contact.

  16. Manish • 100 years ago says

    why just you need these apps when you having an xiaomi phone with themse????❤️??? but some apps are good


    nova launcher

  18. anwesh sahoo says

    Apps to create karaoke on Android plz make a video

  19. Extreme Mods says

    Atlast English not sosgsidbeodbdisbdiebdiebidveidveiebdiddv thank you for using English

  20. Purab Khatiwora says

    The frickin wallpapers are just of 257 MB!??

  21. Baljinder Singh says

    Checkout CPL for stock android like experience. Hey beebom, if you read this comment. Make a dedicat3d video for CPL.??

  22. deepak biloniya says

    I have applied the super wallpaper but it apply only home screen not locked screen.

  23. onfirebolt says

    Is that AGV2 , Sector 78?

  24. Tamojit Chatterjee says

    Always on display feature is just awsome. Thanks for this recomendation. ✌?

  25. Sanyam Mishra says

    Smart launcher

  26. Arnab Patnaik says

    I live in your locality

  27. Prasanth Puthiyillam says

    installing so many. apps, won't slow down the phone? Also, these apps won't take out the personal info or a person like the 59 apps banned?

  28. HB films says


  29. Kinetic Pixel says

    Hindi aati Hain Apko ?????

  30. Irfan Khan says

    What phone is he using??

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