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7 Best Foods For Prostate Health (2020)


Want to discover the best foods for an enlarged prostate that will help shrink your prostate gland? Watch this video to find out! What are the effects of golden berries on your health

10 best foods to naturally lower estrogen levels:

What are the health benefits of ginger for men?


We don’t often think about the best foods for our health. If it smells right and tastes good, it’s okay to eat.

However, studies have shown that lifestyle and diet play an enormous role in men’s health…particularly prostate health. Eating the right food is extremely important when it comes to keeping your prostate healthy. to have a healthy prostate.

Unfortunately, eating large amounts of processed food, salty foods, and junk food are the norm for most people.

These aren’t only bad for general health…they’re especially bad for prostate health. Eating lots of junk food on a daily basis increases the likelihood of developing an enlarged prostate.

In this video, you’ll learn about some of the healthiest foods you can eat to help keep your prostate healthy.

If you’re looking for more information on the best foods to eat and avoid with BPH or prostate cancer, you can check out the 10th edition of our definitive, best-selling, step-by-step guide, All About The Prostate. This guide has helped tens of thousands of men over the last 20 years naturally shrink their prostate without drugs, surgery or side effects.

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Alternatively, you can head over to our blog and check out some of our in-depth articles about the best and worst foods to eat with BPH here:

What are the 10 best foods for prostate health?

What are the 10 worst foods for prostate health?

What are the effects of golden berries on your health?

10 best foods to naturally lower estrogen levels:

What are the health benefits of ginger for men?

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**Medical Disclaimer** The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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  1. Him Bike says

    1. Berries
    2. Green Tea
    3. Fatty Fish
    4. Avocado
    5. Bell pepper
    6. Sesame seeds
    7. Broccoli

  2. John Bresnik says

    Good info – thank you and also thank you for narrating with a human voice – those computer-generated voices are very irritating —

  3. John Smiley says

    My son is a doctor and when I had this serious prostate problem, he would insert his entire first up my anal canal and massage me for hours. Felt good and always asked for much more.

  4. Linda S says

    I have always heard that pumpkin seeds were excellent for your prostate I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned here!

  5. KenDBerryMD says

    BPH is caused by Hyperinsulinemia; correcting your insulin level improves BPH greatly.

  6. Tony Maldonado says

    I’m late but eating better. Stage four metastatic prostate cancer. Bone Mets 10. I’m 63 years young. Great video. Thank you

  7. Franisco Legaspi says

    No no no9 niyo I

  8. mark Paul castillo says

    what about water melons and bannanas ?

  9. Amanat Ali says


  10. Saeed Makhdoom says

    Thank You & Appreciated for quite impressive information. I intend to Follow Properly Maintained Diet and Healthy Life Style and return with feedback based on personal experience after 6 – 12 weeks.

  11. HappyAs Larry says

    Thank you for your knowledge on the subject, I am now changing my diet.

  12. alien abduction victim says

    I got enlarged prostrate
    Why bother living
    Simple answer
    All the things I shouldn't eat well
    I love cheese and dairy
    I'm not giving up my favourite foods to live longer

  13. Paul Phelps says

    Thanks much. This is something to immediately put into practice.

  14. Brooks Townsley says

    Lobster and crab are great for the prostate

  15. M C says

    Forgot mushrooms

  16. Chinglen Kangabam says

    anybody get improve or cure after eating this diet

  17. Robert Goodman says

    Excellent advice and "nothing way out there." Easy to find and consume.

  18. Mick Carson says

    You forgot the most potent weapon against prostate cancer prevention, garlic. Once a day, crush two cloves of garlic, add a cup of purified water and bring to the boil. Simmer and pour a tea cup of the garlic tea like drinking tea. Drink it every day whenever you have time to relax for 3-4 weeks, then every second day till you feel better. You can also eat frozen blackberries with your breakfast in the morning. But frozen blackberries need to be properly prepared before adding them to your breakfast by tipping a handful of them into a bowl of hot water, gently stir them until they sink, then strain and repeat until there is no purplish color in the water. This is to remove impurities, bacteria and germs from manual handling and packaging of the fruit. Next, pour the strained fruit into a bowl of filtered water and place in the microwave, set it to two minutes heat. This will kill any eggs of viruses and or pathogens that may remain in the fruit. After two minutes, remove from microwave and strain the water (careful, water may be very hot), rinse and use the same bowl to eat your breakfast (wipe any water on the side of the bowl), add cereals, milk, etc. If adding other fruit, it's best if they are washed and or peeled, e.g. apple, grapes, kiwi fruit, etc., and your hands are washed. Cheers.

  19. rick rothchild says

    also drink more johnine walker black……………………………………

  20. ALberto Martinez says

    8. Cranberry Juice

  21. angel Del llano says

    Will this help with my bph

  22. Luis Maduro says

    Minute 2:30 increases inflammation of the prostate.

  23. Mike Komaiha says

    Good info. Thank you

  24. Rodolfo Virtucio says


  25. Tarun Chakraborty says


  26. Jack Spratt says

    I use Saw Palmetto from Costco. there are others now that are like Super Saw Palmetto. My Prostate number was 8 after 4 mos it dropped to 2 or 3. My Dr. was impressed.

  27. Alien On a Bike says

    I doubt anybody needs any extra omega 6…

  28. Onofre Rigor says

    Appreciate Much. Tnx

  29. Arunkumar C says

    those food suggestions are great and it's a must…but, if you want to cure prostate cancer with advanced proton therapy, visit : https://proton.apollohospitals.com/proton-therapy

  30. boiragirules says

    Is there a low fodmap version. I can't eat a lot of stuff mentioned here. Is there a way to reduce BPH naturally>

  31. AG AG says

    What about blue berries?

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