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60 years of Victorian fashions


A quick journey through the fashions from 1838 to 1898!
Hope you enjoy the brief outline of the main fashion trends during the Victorian era.
the footage is mostly time lapse – but dont worry, many of the items will be made into indivudual videos with slower footage and a lot more information and details shown.

The patterns and instructions on how to make the dresses shown (and many more, including undergarments….) are included in my book, The Victorian Dressmaker, coming out June 2018!

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As aways, I will try to answer any serious questions in the comments, but all rude or pointless remarks that don’t add to the discussion will be removed.


All clothing by Prior Attire

Hats by Sherri Light from

Shoes and boots by American Duchess

Maid – Sian Hogarth from The Timetrippers
Location – Saracen House Studio, Milton

A collection of waltzes by Strauss, and La
donna e Mobile by Verdi, from Free Music

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Nusrat Jahan says

    What's the point of hiding the amazing outfit inside?

  2. Sherly Angel says

    1865 cool

  3. Maan Torralba says

    4:24 like it like it much!

  4. varsha says

    Whenever she is wearing the corset, I feel some is choking me 🤪

  5. Mari Donis says

    No rapist then

  6. Mari Donis says

    What did they do When hot flash occurred..

  7. Dudabahn 6242 says

    3:17 I love this one

  8. 雨. says

    i dont know why but i imagine Rem dressing Ram like that

  9. Louminasing says

    The firsts it's my favorite ♡

  10. Naveah Queen says

    How did fashion change sooooo much?

  11. melanie chiriacescu says

    I want the one at 4:18 ahah

  12. Марина К зачем? says

    Спасибо большое! Мне все нравятся. Жаль, что нет русских субтитров.

  13. Erica Henn says

    I love the 1875 look

  14. Annie v. A says

    A spring walking suit….beautiful!

  15. The Narwhale says

    Where do you buy these? Specifically the items for the 1865 gown.

  16. Nicola Kunz says

    My favourite thing is that delighted twirl in each dress 😀

  17. Zoey’s Gacha Studios says

    I wanna wear the 1857 dress every day!

  18. Ericat says

    All wealthy examples. I wonder what your average Joe wore

  19. TheTruthMATTERS! says

    Love, love, love the Victorian bonnets and muffs. Back when ladies dressed like ladies.

  20. Kowsini Rajendran says

    How she's use restroom…..🤔🤔

  21. Helen _S says

    How those women manage their period?

  22. Dori C says

    I would love to see your husband doing a version of this with male fashion! I know it wasn't as colorful or drastic but I think it would be a greate reference for people like me (artists) who want to be accurate in their depictions!

  23. Dori C says

    That 1890's dress was so totally unexpected. it kinda shows that the fashion of the time wasn't a momolith and there really was a pretty wide variation between individuals. I totally love the sleeves!

  24. A S says

    The amount of layers. I could never.

  25. Christine Esmeralda Lisa nancy Penelope Nielsen says

    The model eyes looks like nanny mcphee

  26. Barbara Millicent Roberts says

    If i ever reincarnated into a maid i will ask 'do you want to wear a bra today duchess' just to annoyed her w stupid question

  27. Lucia García Ferrer says

    1865 is my favourite 🥰

  28. Efoy_Ivy Hund says

    I just realized, those dresses would REALLY help with social distancing! 😂

  29. Me Myself and I says

    I like the 1870's-1880's style, with the form-fitting jacket bodice that flared over the hips and had belled sleeves , overskirts collected in an apron style to reveal a flounced understkirt, the bustle at the back of the skirts where the material was gathered in accented ruffles, pleats, bows and drapes and the front of the skirt was narrower. And the equestrian-styled mini-top hat for women, sometimes with an attached veil, pinned to a curly updo. I think it was very classy–almost chic–like a woman's business suit with extra accents, laces, silks and draped fabrics.

  30. IZaubermausI says

    How were they using the toilet???

  31. Ira Murphey says

    Wonderful display. And the model was so lady-like

  32. Knitting Pasta says

    Love it!
    Could you do dresses through the Edwardian era?
    I know they may not have changed as spectacularly as they did in the Victorian era, but I just love Edwardian dresses!

  33. TostadaAntonieta34 says

    Dios espero que en los sesenta años no les picara el orto

  34. Aisha's Studio says

    I wonder how they were able to sit

  35. ES Kimberly says

    I love the spring walking suit. I like the lines of the dress, the colors, the interesting effect of the lines on the collar, and that awesome hat! Interesting to see the progression of fashion in the Victorian period. All the dresses were beautiful. Some must have taken a huge amount of time to make with all the bows and ruffles and draping of fabric. I am not a big fan of the bustle in any of its forms.

  36. mercy jennifar says

    I liked all the dress. Wonderful dresses that are stitched perfectly.

  37. Sarah says

    6.38 walking suit OMG 😅

  38. MCqueen anime music video says

    It's super nice and cool.. But it feels like all of them are for winter season 😂😂 I mean just what kind of season they have back then? Don't they have summer? Haha i feel so hot and sweaty just by looking at the dresses 😂😂 it feels heavy too… You can't run with those fabrics that attached to your body 😂😂 I love that kind of dresses for cosplay purposes… 😊😊😊

  39. Любовь Бардина says


  40. Yami Dubon says

    Los hombres cuando se casaban y tenían que quitar todo :0

  41. 공주린 says


  42. Bluë Wølf says

    I'm just sitting here wondering how they cope on especially very hot days…

  43. baby soojin says


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