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6 immune booster beverages | healthy indian drinks | indian beverages


turmeric milk recipe:
ginger tea recipe:
carrot ginger soup recipe:
tamarind rasam recipe:
badam powder:
ragi malt recipe:


turmeric milk recipe | golden milk recipe | masala haldi doodh | haldi milk with detailed photo and video recipe. a flavoured indian turmeric latte spiced milk-based drink recipe made with turmeric, spices and honey. this is typically made and served as warm beverage drink for guests or for those who are down with cold and flu. turmeric and milk are known for its medicinal properties and when combined together and served, it helps to increase the immune system. turmeric milk recipe | golden milk recipe | masala haldi doodh | haldi milk with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes are not known for its taste and flavour, but also the medicinal properties it holds. particularly, there are certain dish and beverages which is served to improve the immune and digestive related problems. one such simple and easy beverage recipe is turmeric milk recipe or popularly known as golden milk recipe.

ginger tea recipe | adrak chai | adrak wali chai | ginger milk tea with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple tea recipe made with milk, tea powder and a generous amount of ginger. basically, the recipe is an extension to the normal chai or milk tea with a strong flavour of ginger and cardamom with a small hint of cinnamon. it is an ideal beverage during the monsoon or winter season as it provides necessary warmth with it. ginger tea recipe | adrak chai | adrak wali chai | ginger milk tea with step by step photo and video recipe. chai or tea is an unofficial national drink or beverage of india. for some it is a must drink in the morning, and for some, it is refreshing to drink after a meal or in the evening after a long day. evidently, it has to lead to too many variations to it and one of the variations from urban cities is the ginger tea recipe or adrak wali chai.

carrot ginger soup recipe | carrot and ginger soup | ginger carrot soup with detailed photo and video recipe. a flavoured and creamy soup recipe made with fresh carrots and a hint of ginger. it is an ideal starter or an appetiser recipe which is ideally served just before the meal. it can be served as it is without any sides, but tastes great when served with toasted bread. carrot ginger soup recipe | carrot and ginger soup | ginger carrot soup with step by step photo and video recipe. soup recipes are not native to indian cuisine but have gradually developed large fan base. with respect to indian meal, it is generally served just before the meal to improve appetite. one such simple and easy soup variation is the carrot and ginger soup recipe known for its flavour.

tamarind rasam recipe | puli rasam recipe | chintapandu charu with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy and simple rasam recipe made with tamarind extract as a hero ingredient with immune-boosting spices. in south india it is generally prepared and served for afternoon lunch or dinner with rice, but can also be served as beverage drink for sour throat and the common cold. the recipe is made without any addition of toor dal or any lentil which brings it to a watery or thin texture. tamarind rasam recipe | puli rasam recipe | chintapandu charu with step by step photo and video recipe. rasam recipes are one of the staple food of many south indian households. it is generally made with a combination of lentil, tamarind, spice mix and tomatoes. however some there are some simple recipes too which can be made with one of these ingredients. one such rasam recipe is tamarind rasam recipe or puli rasam recipe known for its sour and spicy taste.

badam powder | badam milk powder | almond milk | almond milk powder with detailed photo and video recipe. a simple and healthy beverage recipe made with almond powder and milk powder. it is generally mixed with warm milk and served as beverage or welcome drink to guests. but the drink is very nutrient as it contains almond, kesar and milk powder mix, hence it can be shared with your kids or adults as a daily drink.

ragi malt recipe | ragi porridge recipe | ragi kanji | finger millet recipes with detailed photo and video recipe. a healthy and tasty porridge recipe, made from finger millet or popularly known as ragi. it is a healthy and nutrient drink, with high in protein content and rich in minerals, and hence served for babies and diabetics. it is a popular drink in south india, but gradually picking up in other parts too.

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    And you should roast Raggi in 1 spoon on Ghee and then Add milk.

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    5:45 Carrot Ginger Soup
    8:11 Ragi Malt/Ragi Porridge

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