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6 Differences Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love


Love may drive us wild, taking us on highs and lows. Without being taught the “how” on how to navigate love, we can inadvertently act out dysfunctional patterns in our relationships. Even the truest kind of love can turn toxic if we’re not careful. Are you in a healthy relationship or an unhealthy relationship?

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Writer: Chloe Avanasa
Script Editor: Kelly Soong & Denise Ding
Script Collaborator: Cobse –
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Alethea Van Holland
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong
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Founder: Tai Khuong


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  1. Psych2Go says

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  2. Jennifer Ayala says

    Lol I got the intensity but I pushed it away ???

  3. Jojo :D says

    I’m scared because I’m turning toxic due to my overthinking but I don’t want to and I don’t know how to change

  4. Fat Lenny says

    Well this video brings me back to darker times.

  5. rachtale says

    i think social media is partially to blame with toxic relationships becoming so frequent, we're constantly reading inbetween the lines of something so silly to get mad over like being left "on read" or taking apart a msg till it no longer has any value. even forgetting to empathise with one another to the point everything becomes over text, so you forget each other's habits and even tones with things said. we're constantly trying to hit that instensity we see on social medias, hitting for perfection instead of letting it blossom. we easily get jealous when we fall into this idea that we're supposed to be whats best/only one when we feel underappreciated. we fail to see the signs/act upon them on time. i remember being told i was falling into a few of these signs but it all felt like an attack out of not knowing better from lack of experience. it gets hard to tell the difference when you get so caught up trying to show you care and you want to work on it but you don't know how when they've already casted you out like the rest (thank u, next).

  6. Kallie Gladue says

    Wish this was posted months ago so I could have left my bf

  7. Andrew Basilio says

    True love is healthy love. The concept of "unhealthy love" is actually not love at all. It's really pride/ego. Pride/ego are opposite of love.

  8. Isabella Ryan says

    TRUST is like a crystal glass that once it's broken its hard to put the pieces back together and when you try to fix them, you might get puncture and get hurt. The crystal glass would never be the same no matter what. That is why it's important to apply wisdom when dealing with our partners and i believe smartness is essential in any relationship. I got help from (cybertech-tracker) as he helped cloned my cheating husband's phone and I got access to all his phone Call logs, Text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Whats-app, Skype, Kik, Twitter, Snap-chat, Email, i-Cloud, GPS location and Social media chats (both Old and New) without touching his phone. My husband was a cheating Narcissist but I'm glad to uncover his deceits, secrets and Infidelity. All I did was share my husband’s phone number with (cybertech-tracker) and i was able to read his recent and deleted messages from my phone without laying my hands on his phone and he has no idea his phone has been cloned. I was hurt when i saw a picture of my husband and his lover kissing, i felt so bad about infidelity. I’m here in Texas, USA and was able to access his phone while he was away cheating in the UK and saw all the proofs i needed for a divorce and even terrible things they had planned. He also does hacking of account or any other type of hacking, background check up and retrieval of data. His services are trusted and guaranteed and also affordable. Contact this great hacker via Gmail (cybertechtracker) or text him directly on his phone and via Whats-app : +1 (202) 697-7171. I hope you find peace of mind just like myself after discovering the truth.

  9. Amro Tarek says

    Can I watch this with my long distance girlfriend and fix the 2 or 3 points we have in our relationship ?? Because I just watched the videos about healthy signs and we have most of them ( like 15 out of 18 )

  10. Brenda Trammell says

    My husband has been doing this to me for a long time now. Ive been diagnosed with anxiety and depression ptsd

  11. MsDreamgirl39 says

    Best video I’ve seen in a while ❤️?

  12. Emily Muzi says

    Having a relationship with an avoidant partner make me question about whether our love is healthy

  13. Ravens Moon McDonald of sleat says

    All men cheat…period

  14. RedRoseSeptember22 says

    For me, the "jealousy" and "possessiveness" is due to having bad previous relationships and having been cheated on, used and abused, etc. Thankfully my love and I always talk things through and I've explained why I feel the way I do when it comes to certain things and he's been so understanding and supportive! The constant checking in is due to me having separation anxiety because I hate being apart and I'm always worried for his safety. I have a deep, paralyzing fear that I'll never see him again if I don't hear from him after a while. So he's been very sweet about that too and always texts me whenever he has time at work and such 🙂 when it comes to things like running errands he always asks if I want to come along because he knows it makes me feel better when I can just be with him. It may sound weird, but I feel like he won't be safe unless I'm with him. 🙂

  15. Shockwave0.1 says

    My ex did basically all of these things. I probably shouldn't have stayed for almost two years lol.

  16. Vishal Khatri says

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  17. Madeline B says

    My ex boyfriend ticked all the boxes of an unhealthy relationship, every single one.

  18. Evan Green says

    I gave you everything I had without expectations, you gave me nothing at all and expected me to stay

  19. Mike Evans says

    You say healthy love is open communication? then why did my wife leave when I openly communicated how her brother was better in bed than she is

  20. Alex Wiley says

    I didn’t realize I was in an unhealthy relationship until my friends sat me down and really helped me open my eyes. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what could have happened to me and my mental health. I am grateful for them looking out for me and caring so much for me

  21. come on eileen says

    It’s hard when the person is SO negative and then says your the one stressing them out because they lied to you and are cruel and when you confront them they say they are don’t cause you stress them out.

  22. Daemonenkoenigin13 says

    I just realized that after my partner has been toxic for a long time, now I have turned into the toxic one because of all the build up of resentment and frustration.

  23. Jonathon Briggs says

    I've only had one gf and won't ever get another one again so I'm chilling no toxic love ?

  24. Manuel Ochoa says

    You are using tricks and phrase instead of living with and loving each other

  25. evelyn benitez says

    i can't talk to anyone about my partner keeps guilt tripping me into staying 🙁

  26. minion lover says

    okay so what happens when its both options most of the time??

  27. Teesh W says

    Does this work with friendship?

  28. david m says

    This would be ok in a different and perfect world, however there are too many influencing factors that get in the way of having a healthy relationship. Love today is a rarity, for those that succeed at it, great. I've seen and been in these circumstances many times. Our eyes and ears have been filled with corrupt ideologies and it's not getting better it's getting worse.
    You might see true love in your grandparents. Divorce rates are way too high. We have become consumers of the carnal. There are too many choices and bad suggestions out in mass media.
    I'm not giving up, here but the public should realize this. Not everyone is perfect, flaws and imperfections are hidden in the beginning of a relationship. People are being groomed to trade up for something better.
    It's social engineering scheme and the downfall of humanity.

  29. Brian Nieves says

    #2 happened to me twice marrying the same person twice. #3 she was constantly jealous of my successes at work and with our children. Became very possessive and told me not to talk to the opposite sex. #4 no teasing only belittled me in front of her family and behind my back. # 5 manipulation I only got love if she was kept happy. If not I was scolded and had to give up the things that made me happy. All my hobbies. I don't even remember what my hobbies were. #6 no honesty from her end. My feelings were dismissed and ignored. Here's and example. I proposed to her the 1st time on 5/01/11. She apparently planned a wedding with her psycho mother for 5 days later 5/06/11. I expressed how I didn't want to do it and she manipulated me by saying if you love me you'll marry me know. Fresh out of basic training her whole family was there but not all of mine. What was I to say? She manipulated me into a corner. I loved her and thought she did me. Turns out she only loves herself and all the gifts and money she got from the wedding. My dumb ass divorced her and remarried her thinking it would stop. But then the isolation came. She made it so I kept her happy. If I had too much fun with my kids she would question it and tell me I was being a dad wrong. Now I have to sit in court and hear how Im a monster for standing up for myself and my kids. Rape and abuse are the 2 crimes where a man is guilty until proven innocent. This will he our 3rd year in court and still with no facts or real evidence our system keeps screwing me and my kids. Allowing them to be manipulated and imprisoned by their our mother and Grandparents. While I just sit here and apparently have to take it. Take on my pain of hearing her lawyer destroy the military and VA. What really sucks is that he was prior Navy, now a traitor of our country. Our situation got worse. The shitty thing is I broke my body for my country and her. She offered no help in any aspect of our relationship above bare minimum. Feeding herself and our kids. That is all. And I'm the monster. I hate this fucking world.

  30. Cosan says
  31. Horror Goddess says

    Intensity n controlling I had that really bad

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