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Music used: Milkshake by Aaron Spencer
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

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  1. Oscar Ravn Thomsen says


  2. Oscar Ravn Thomsen says

    I still watch this one;)!

  3. RIP DEBO says

    Cani looks like Emre Can and his cuz looks like hummels

  4. Banter Mafia says

    What is that second song or tune where there is like whistling

  5. Reuben bar says

    What's the song at 4:40?

  6. Shane Brady says

    Plz what was the song at 4.44

  7. KimFootball says


  8. F_U_T says

    Gundogan is that you?

  9. Yasin says

    Türk misiniz

  10. Cabiro Djaló says

    Great to watch :), btw who signs the song in the 1:39 minutes?

  11. Brendon Exler says

    what soccer ball is that? @CaniSports 

  12. Elliott Ottesen says

    Wait? Which one is Cani?

  13. mikofergie says

    Cani gets a 94 rating as a GK in real life! Nice saves and some sweet goals too xD

  14. Alte Schule says

    Auch geil wie ihr zwischendrin Deutsch redet 😉

  15. superdocmen says

    Deniz looks like a good guy
    He seems kind and polite

  16. sprichst du Deutsch ?

  17. Shamzzii says

    What religion is this guy

  18. Matt Thompson says

    Denis looks like hummels

  19. Shamzzii says

    What religion are you

  20. Devanshu Bisht says

    I am really happy you got 50 k subs. Gonna be waiting for the day you get 1 million. 🙂 You can really do it! esp from the effort you put in the videos(all the ediiting and daily uploading). Keep it up Cani!!!

  21. Andy Slater says

    Can you do another one of these cani?

  22. J Smith says

    Awesome vid 🙂

  23. R Sterling // LFC says

    emre cans little brother?

  24. Static Pro Clubs Boys says

    My friend keeps saying your from Turkey is that true

  25. Daddy Sagbo says

    Class Cani, sorry I haven't been commenting much mate just moved house

  26. ConnorSR says

    Its weird that cani looks like emre can and Denis looks a bit like hummels

  27. Sven Den Otter says

    Hey Cani
    Very nice video! Congz on 50k also
    Would you maybe make a video to discuss how your #changecareermode went? + a vid about the winter upgrades maybe?

  28. Are you from germany you say " fack alter"

    Ich bin Deutscher 🙂

  29. james ellis says

    U look like Emre Can and ur cousin looks like Ikay Gundagun

  30. Clappy Ultras says

    I fuckin love him

  31. Kevin Can Taskale says

    Hahahaha spielt ihr erstmal auf einem Asche Platz 😀 Was ist eigentlich dein richtiger Name, würd' mich interessieren, weil ich Kevin Can heiße.

  32. RedRebel says

    Congrats Cani! you look so much like Emre Can!

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