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This is a video of football players that unfortunately lost their lives on the pitch.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Mayacoon1 says

    For some odd reason I was sadder when the last guy died! I was still very sad for the players tho 🙁

  2. Justin Wellbeck says

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  3. Miriam Szendro says

    Rest in peace

  4. D Black says

    Some of these deaths were from Aortic aneurysms.

  5. Eric Liao says

    rip everywon that died

  6. əkbərov həsən says


  7. Alison Roberts says


  8. WC1 The Pro Gamer says

    This is a respect for the players

  9. Asad Ahmed says

    That is why they take health test when you join any job

  10. Souad Azerian says


  11. Emarie Garcia says

    Rest in peace all soccer players who died ????????? ?

  12. Thirumalai balaji says

    I see this video after my mood sad?????????

  13. Austin Chasteen says


  14. Floral League says

    I hop they feel well

  15. Floral League says


  16. Football playlist says

    best saves in football 2020.


    Jom good

  17. Zoyithing Spawn says

    This ain't football

  18. Dintea Hmar says


  19. MORGAN TAYLOR says

    R.i.p Miklos Feher R.i.p Piermario Morosini R.i.p Antonio Puerta R.i.p Emanuel Ortega

  20. Alexander Shallop says

    So sad

  21. wiren Thakoersing says

    ????????????? why should the new ones that started their lives always go the new ones that had a lot of fans why shouldn't they always grow man young Generations Always by name

  22. —djor slut says

    they may rest in peace, such beautiful angels.

  23. Mohammed Aadhil CS says

    RIP they are proud to be died at football ground????

  24. hatem Gaming says

    Now im scared to die?

  25. ༒?XD_ GAMER?༒ says

    Title of the piano please

  26. Hillow Heavenz says

    Looking at their eyes stone turning is even more graphic!

  27. M S says


  28. Rosa Pamplin says

    ?????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️r ip

  29. TrexZilla Jr says

    I respect them but they eyes are too creppy

  30. Jayden FC says

    This Guy Didn't Put No Ads On This Vid ? Respect

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