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  1. Just an INFP-T Person says

    I’m not gonna marry no man

    I’m gonna marry soccer, you guys r invited to the wedding

  2. random edits says

    I’m supposed to be in fuckin Europe for 4 weeks for soccer but fuckin corona

  3. fosruh says

    the last part had me being like ???

  4. Robbe Sledsens says

    Where my defenders at

  5. Sebastian Rómeó Jónsson says

    I am a midfielder thats not true its mich worse

    Jk. My coach thinks im the best

  6. Dániel Papp says

    This is not soccer. This is football.

  7. Courtney Galvez says

    Corona:what happen I thought you wanted to get out of school?

  8. Courtney Galvez says

    I play soccer but I want to with meh friends??

  9. Alyssa marie says

    My soccer team was undefeated going to regionals and then corona happened?

  10. Beth Register says

    I also play positions help;-;

  11. Beth Register says

    all of this is relatible like bruh your speaking my language!

  12. HypexPickleツ says

    3:03 I am a keeper tho

  13. R R says

    This made me miss my team and playing sooooo much

  14. Ankit Mavinkurve says

    I just want to tell it's called football not soccer

  15. Animeweeb 10 says

    I miss soccer our season got cut off mid March bc of the corona virus and we literally had play offs that weekend I was so lookin forward to it too??

  16. Rachel says

    3:16 he Can say he LITERALLY broke ankles

  17. Khandoker Mofazzal Hossain says

    1:25 no it did not

  18. SIMONNE KLEIN says

    Soccer is my Love! 🙂

  19. Abdullahi Ali says


  20. Gabriel Garcia says

    I love soccer I still watch it all the time play it on my free time but I’m a runner now so I stoped and I low key miss it but I’m really good at running and I owe that to soccer tho

  21. Juan Uvence says

    Man, do I miss playing ?

  22. Hafiz Zahid says

    Soccer for gay

  23. ッLord539 says

    Who else is from America but calls it football anyway? Like if that’s you

  24. Swine_FN says

    Problem about soccer girls is that they are so fit they ain’t got ass or boobs

  25. Julio Gomez says

    4:15 everything was going well until she pulled up with an Orlando shirt. ?

  26. 7Dayss says

    Football in America is ezz

  27. pokarserafin says


  28. Azael Withers says

    The Alex Ramos tik tok went through

  29. Anthony Price says

    i can watch and play all day
    1:15 ??

  30. V3Nomic says

    It's football, please.

  31. Antonio Jeronimo says


  32. Cassidy Gordon says

    2:55 is literally my coach

  33. AidanStrikez says

    when you wait for another tiktok to show up from 4:27 to 5:17 …..

  34. Bhawna Sharma says

    3:20 im from india and i play football

  35. Steve Vargas says

    2:30 I’m fucking dead??

  36. Paul06 says

    Morale of the story:

    No it did not go through.

  37. Christian Rodman says

    XD the girls vs guys it was like a varsity girl vs a like 10 year old lol

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