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5 Game Worlds BIGGER Than Planet Earth


Today we wanted to talk about some of the biggest video game worlds with games on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. This is beyond Skyrim and GTA, folks.
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  1. Ping Pong says

    Its like we same with God….amazing

  2. Jacob Rezac says

    I appreciate No man Sky, but I love Elite Dangerous simply because I’m a huge astronomy nerd and it’s cool to play in our galaxy and be able to go to real life places and nebulas.

  3. 5984980 says

    He forgot the biggest one i think its called the matrix?

  4. Tra Black says

    Gonna guess all these are pc only

  5. Hero Manager says

    Didn't even refer ASSASSIN'S CREED…

  6. daschawk says

    Really feel like an underrated one is WoW.

  7. Richard Bechtold says

    These games aren't that big. I call BULLSHIT

  8. Mocile says

    Star citizen said in 2015 the game was done and told everyone to back them. In 2016 they had *nothing*. They are lying POS, I really wish they didn't get any fronted time…

  9. Matt johnston says

    No man's sky metal planets reminds me of mirrodin from magic the gathering.

  10. Palm Trees says

    You sound like that guy from zombie land

  11. Fletcher Campbell says

    Where’s beyond good and evil 2

  12. James H. Jenkins says

    I've been an EVE player for 13 years.
    The learning curve is one of the steepest of all software games.

    It was so much easier when it was first released, and had less than 10,000 players.

    Minmatar Freighter pilot, buying, Transporting, and selling millions of units of Ore, Tobacco, Water.

    When I had free time, years ago, I had three accounts, running on three machines, leading a Corporation of 50 pilots, near Sinq Liason.
    Devastated by multiple years of High Security Zone warfare, I eventually disbanded, giving each player that had not betrayed the corp a billion ISK.
    Best gaming experience of my life.
    Welcome to EVE. Fly safe.

  13. Alfie TheGamerAnimatorKid says

    I knew minecraft would be on here but not first! Lol

  14. Damayanthi Senadheera says

    NO MAN'S SKY has the biggest map in the world

  15. TLN_Mr says

    You read wrong this

  16. M. A. says

    Minecraft is not bigger than the size of earth.

  17. Master Dementer says

    The only space game I played was Battle star galactic Online and it was HUGE, the speed of spacecraft reached till 20 FTL(20 times faster than light). It was fun battling in PVP but still I couldnt play long.

  18. Derreck Moran says

    Like saying earth is bigger than the galaxy cuz u camt walk from one side to the other

  19. Derreck Moran says

    Stupid video no game world is bigger than earth all u do is run around in circles on all games even if it sont feel like that this was the stupidest video to post thats like saying I run longer on the game so the game is bigger than earth no nigha u can only go so far in games all games have a visible wall

  20. KBuch15 says

    My problem with no mans sky is that even though we have all these planets and all these stars and solar systems and galaxies, I’m not discovering anything new. When it comes down to it every planet has the same life the same animals and the same plants, it’s just which planet is colored different and what resources it has

  21. Alex Tabara says

    Beside the normal world, minecraft has 2 more… now that s a huge map

  22. Razor PvP says

    star citizen started development in 2011 we at 2020 almost 2021 still in alpha phase full of bugs whith ambitions they have and speed of developement game gona be ready and finished by 2040 if that and im not exagerating

  23. jerryholbrook13 says

    Open world games are great well…..
    They should be anyhow.

  24. Scotty DoThat says

    Warframe has got a massive game world too

  25. Sean Sean Sk says

    Rubbish list

  26. MadTeaCup says

    What about Space Engine?

  27. Yaksh Dodia says

    You forgot one game…..temple run. That shit never ends

  28. yousha zaidi says

    Me: Wanted break from studies and downloaded Eve Online.
    And Guess What! You need to study to play Eve Online.

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