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42 More Foods You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime


Insider is giving you 42 more foods to eat before you die and where to try them. These foods take you on a cultural journey from New York to Vietnam to Spain. This list is chock-full of bucket-list dishes, like struffoli, flavorful sea snails, and spicy Iberian chorizo.

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42 More Foods You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime

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  1. Revenir Gaming says

    Matt stonie: I ate all and the foods on this list in ten minutes!

  2. Himashree Dey says

    My next birth is gonna be in New York City and that's final

  3. Blue Blox Bang says

    I'm Ghanaian and jollof rich is sooo goood you need to try it 😋🍛🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  4. Leif Opstad says

    You're overdoing the location of New York.

    Do something in a different state, like Washington

  5. A S says

    YASSSSS i always go there!!!

  6. el vuelas says

    42 NY foods that are definitely not in any other part of the world nope not at all only in NY

  7. Kindle Butt says

    Are you cooking son? 👀

  8. Loon Loon says

    Okay I finish count total :

    You need at least 90,000 us dollar to travel and eat all of these include flights, hotel and transport.

  9. jason brown says

    Go 776

  10. Mayeline Santana says

    Why is everything in New York!!! :_( put something in Florida. something I can actually visit DX

  11. Iamben says

    alternate title: 42 last meals

  12. Dumisa Nzama says

    These foods take you on a cultural journey from New York to Vietnam to New York

  13. Insfire •99 years ago says

    Our ta’ameya here in Egypt is a little different than the one they show , it’s traditionally made a little smaller and more round, we sometimes add eggs to it too , makes it more delicious, it’s usually eaten for breakfast. It’s very common and you can find it everywhere here

  14. GhastlyMainframe says

    New York City

  15. Jefferson Calingasan says

    The title really wants us dead…

  16. XX_lonleyloser plays gamez says

    Yall know that cheese is actually moldy milk.

  17. XX_lonleyloser plays gamez says

    Jokes on you I'm already dead 😎

  18. maryam shahzad says

    I bet this narrative girl is from spain

  19. DOODLE808 says

    Just go to New York and La I guess lol

  20. LeBrasco says

    good thing

  21. Oblivion NPC says

    döner ballert halt schon hart

  22. Ranjani bhat says

    Dosa dosa and only dosaaaa😋😋❤

  23. Thomas Lim says

    I think you should put 1 another food, which is beef rendang. It is originally come from West Sumatera, Indonesia. As according to CNN, it is the best food in the world for these last few years.

  24. Hiyuke La Vie says

    I don't know why Insider uses these type of dumb titles for their videos

    Just call the video "42 foods you have to try in NYC", because that's really what it is

  25. androidsentbycyberlife says

    I would eat all of these- except maybe that nutella burger

  26. Diamond señorita says

    And in egypt every family knows how to make fresh hummus

  27. Diamond señorita says

    Actually if you come to egypt you can find people making Ta'amya any most of the restaurants so you don't have to go to new York City if you live in a different country than America

  28. KidGhidorah * says

    I feel like this list was not as mouth watering as the first

  29. Axiom Steel26 says

    They do know that there are cities other than NYC right?

  30. Lara says

    i will prefer to fast, thank you.

  31. Madhumanti Bagh says

    More like 42 food u should try before u die if u live in new york.. i love my biriyani.. from my local restaurants have u ever tried?😂

  32. Madhumanti Bagh says

    they are saying food we need to eat before die.. and all foods are from New York 🙄🙄 are other countries food are joke to u? 🙄

  33. Nova Ryan says

    Was that Brayan Chiga smilin with the nasi goreng..

  34. Joel says

    If I see another mozzarella ball’s water break 1 MORE TIME IM GONNA LOSE IT

  35. Anoushka Soni says

    Mentioning dosa and then the location is NY 🤷😂

  36. Aayat Hasan says

    I just love your videos very much
    Your channel videos are very interesting
    I love your ideas

  37. Sailaja Beeram says

    Say the the dead guys wake up for these
    then, 42 things you need to fight the
    Zombie apocalypse

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