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4 SUPERSTAR Soccer Prodigies


Presented by Powerade. Meet the FUTURE of soccer:

0:01 – Nick Seyda
5:52 – Chase Carrera
11:41 – ? NEW No Days Off gear
12:04 – Dylan Pimentel
17:49 – Ariana Dos Santos

? NEW No Days Off gear:

COMMENT with your favorite soccer player of all-time!

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  1. Whistle says

    Which of these soccer (or football!) prodigies do you think has the BRIGHTEST Future? ?

  2. Aamna’s World says

    What’s up I’m Chase
    I’m 10
    And I play soccer
    And everyone knows I’m cocky

  3. I play fortnite says

    Is it me or is it just that I have 1 disability whicht is i have 1 hole in my heart and small heal but still play soccer

  4. Julie McGinnis says

    That girl is mean and she thinks she is so good

  5. [IC3ZZ] Cristian_09 says

    People need to realize that soccer is the only sport you don’t need a personal trainer and all this fancy equipment

  6. Ollie Foley says

    Brazil players don’t work harder than every one

  7. Ollie Foley says

    No one said girls can’t play soccer

  8. Thato Lekhelebana says

    Dylan pimental is humble and good everything you need to make it pro

    Unlike Chase cocky boy how won’t get a team for behavioral issues

  9. Aastik Marahatta says

    My dream is to become the professional goalkeeper for the us national team and i will

  10. Alex Martin says

    More like the C stands for Cocky

  11. Wade Thomson says

    wheres my defenders at

  12. Emma McNair says

    Dylan doesn't seem very dedicated. Like he has to be there.

  13. Henry Rattray says

    All of these kids would be average in England

  14. Soccer Superstar says

    Hi chase what soccer team do you go for

  15. Aamna’s World says

    14:15 and after Dylan does skills to get past defenders (poles) then shoots in the middle of the skills net

  16. Moo potato! .-. says

    the girl be like there was free ice cream there!

  17. Lion Roar says

    The personal trainers say it’s all him :me rlly u guys mean u did it all

  18. WL Football says

    Chase: I like Messi more than Ronaldo because he’s not cocky. Also Chase: all your gonna have to see is the C and you’ll know the name.

  19. Soccer boy says

    What’s funny is that chase shoots from like 2 yards away with like no keeper and no power on the shot too.

  20. Sam Bam! says

    The third kid had Louis Vuitton cleats and his own personal trainer?

  21. F3.5 football channel says

    i see everyone talking about how lucky and rich most of them are but i had to practice in a garage for a year and now i’m in a barcelona academy, you don’t need to be rich to practice

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