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Check out this video full of healthy recipes you will love! You will learn how to make a super healthy snack – cucumber chips. You will find a lot of ideas on how to decorate a candy bar and cook healthy desserts for the whole family. You can make quick apple pancakes and your family will adore this breakfast idea! In a bowl, combine eggs, sugar, flour, oil, cinnamon, and milk. Stir the mixture properly. Cut apples in rings, dip into the dough and fry. Also, you will learn how to make ice-cream for those who are on a diet: using a blender mix cucumber, water, lime juice, agave syrop. Freeze and enjoy. You can prepare banana pops with caramel is a very quick and super-delicious dessert for kids and adults. If you suffer from insomnia, try to prepare a tea that will help you to fall asleep quickly. Slice bananas, place then in a glass, add cinnamon sticks and cover with water. Wait for 10 minutes and drink. Moreover, you will find an easy recipe of homemade sorbet. Freeze raspberries, put them into the mixer and add lemon juice and beat. Peanut butter from stores may contain chemicals and we know how to make all-natural butter at home. Roast peanuts at 350 F for 10 minutes, beat using a blender. Add some salt and dates. Your family will love this healthy replacement. You will find a lot of ideas on how to decorate food with apples. Check out how to make a healthy Birthday cake for your BFF. All you need is watermelon and fruits!

00:14 How to beat insomnia
00:40 Banana caramel pops
01:20 Banana cupcakes
03:15 Homemade peanut butter
06:30 Recipes with apples

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    Conclusion: Fruit with Caramel is never healthy

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