34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries

34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries

34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries


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View: 34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries

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47 bình luận trong “34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries

  1. This wasn't Easy to make , I put so much of Hardwork So I Hope you guys will help me out by Liking the Video ! Make sure you subscribe the Channel for More Videos Like this.

  2. Grew up in Belfast watching our own Best, saw Pele play, Cruyff, maradonna but for me watching Messi makes me smile and that's from a Liverpool fan. The greatest there has been for it's Messi. Thanks for the video

  3. Ronaldo should never be compared to Messi!

    He is very far from being able to be compared to Messi!

    It is a political comparison, to create stories for journalists and to maintain rivalries between the fans (to sell paper).

    Frankly, it's so obvious that Messi is much better than Ronaldo !!

    And Messi does not cheat …

    Messi is the embodiment of Football. If it hadn't existed, the world would never have known what ultimate football is.

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