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34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries


34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries

34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments – With Commentaries


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  1. SherAli EDITS says

    This wasn't Easy to make , I put so much of Hardwork So I Hope you guys will help me out by Liking the Video ! Make sure you subscribe the Channel for More Videos Like this.

  2. Bruno Mariné says


  3. Hưng Đz says

    Thánh lun hán khép vừa trái bóng vẫn bị sỏ qua đc nể phục

  4. Leo Tropoja says

    Messii ic nomber on

  5. AS Creation says

    Ronald's first champions league final against Messi…https://youtu.be/Ae6H28XSbhk

  6. Rishi Oza says

    Great video ? btw it's not ankara it's encara which means "still"

  7. Muhammad Hasman says

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  8. Football The world says
  9. Aryan Malik says

    I think more or less every moment of messi is a magical one @ GOAT.

  10. Jethalal says

    I dont know what ankara messi means…but each tym i listen this, just straight goosebumps

  11. BrahimAli EDITS says


  12. Asmat Ti says

    Kerjanya bola , kalau orang tani mana mungkin bisa????

  13. Dennis Cole says

    Grew up in Belfast watching our own Best, saw Pele play, Cruyff, maradonna but for me watching Messi makes me smile and that's from a Liverpool fan. The greatest there has been for it's Messi. Thanks for the video

  14. Fogaça TV says

    O Messi é foda!
    Postei um vídeo com os gols dele..
    Peço para passarem em meu canal. Muito obrigado ♡


  15. Varun Singh says

    What is with jersey no 10. I love 2 sports cricket and football. And both have its own God with the number 10

  16. KM4L says

    Him and Ronaldo do not deserve their fans, two of the most exciting and extraterrestrial talents to touch a ball

  17. L'Angélus says

    Ronaldo should never be compared to Messi!

    He is very far from being able to be compared to Messi!

    It is a political comparison, to create stories for journalists and to maintain rivalries between the fans (to sell paper).

    Frankly, it's so obvious that Messi is much better than Ronaldo !!

    And Messi does not cheat …

    Messi is the embodiment of Football. If it hadn't existed, the world would never have known what ultimate football is.

  18. L'Angélus says

    Messi does with his feet what Michelangelo did with his hands …

  19. Mateus Santos Estética é Beleza! says

    O monstro,do mundo do futebol,de todos os tempos!!!!Lionel Messi !!!!!!!

  20. Hussain Zain Zaud says

    'Never seen before'
    Ever heard of johan cruyff and ajax

  21. Luis Mejia says

    7:14 i’m glad to say i saw that goal live

  22. Cey Sanc says


  23. Petros Petrospap says

    Who thinks only player from messi is xatzipanagis..?for greeks only..

  24. Hassan Amadou says

    I'm a big fan of Real Madrid since longtime but this guy is very strong

  25. MrSTROM26 says

    As a Ronaldo fan i have to admit, Leo just makes it look so easy.

  26. Alif Al Fahim says

    Even the ball was confused where to go?

  27. Narendra Kumar says

    Greatest of all time genius Lionel messi

  28. Explore adventure says

    Any day messi stops playing I will stop watching football

  29. Eta Kappa says

    I hated messi mut after this i change my mind

  30. pritesh Dicholkar says

    Absolute seduction…..

  31. karthick sachin says

    This video is pure overrated (science has no answer,golden touch,etcccc)

  32. Lucas Duarte says

    What a video. Great job

  33. Jacob Egon says

    “Cristiano Ronaldo is so fast, so strong, so incredible, but he has one problem; Leo Messi."

    – Jürgen Klopp

  34. Thyagaraj Sparrow says

    Wtf! Right here at 10:56 inhumane presence of mind really godly

  35. Ashik TK says


  36. Lang Kanai says

    I love R9 but Messi is easily the best ever.

  37. rakib samol says

    I love u Messi

  38. Mattia Ghiani says

    Number 16 ''never seen before''?? Johan Cruijff 1982 ….

  39. SKB CLAN says


  40. wahyu etex says

    10:22 one of the best free kick

  41. wahyu etex says

    9:44 this is best drible with body feint..

  42. John Dary Moreira Morrillo says

    https://youtu.be/mV9L6iE79XM mira este video de Messi dale like y seguiré subiendo más contenido ❤️?⚽

  43. Captain Phronesis says

    The last commentary though… ????????

  44. Paul Buis says

    Penalty assist was a tribute to Johan Cruijff… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sEk61PRlFs

  45. xelaju8 says

    This guy is just supreme, absolutely The Best. Out of this world.

  46. Joel ban yasharahla Ahayah's Awakening says

    amazing editing. amazing messi

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