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30 Healthy Habit Hacks You Need To Know!


Here a thirty tips to help get you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. How many do you already do?? 🙂

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  1. lonelyrqses says

    Is it ok to have fast food once in a while?

  2. Queen O! says


  3. Jake Baul says

    jason genova

  4. Simply Nympha says

    Will do this nice habit hacks…?

  5. molly howell says

    Being a kid is so annoying I can’t pick what food I eat and I can’t walk anywhere and I have bad genes so it’s not even my fault

  6. Storm Presser-King says

    I would get out more if we weren't locked down 🙁

  7. Sarah Ward says

    16: what’s the app being used ?

  8. Life Learning says

    Thanks for your video

  9. MilkiMocha says

    1. Drink water straight away (Add fruit into water for taste)
    3. Make smoothie for more nutrients (Freeze them the day before)
    4. Take your key for your house/garage
    5. Bath w/ epzitne salt after workout
    6. Clean! (Burns calories)
    7. Walk/run, add some extra exercise
    8. Meal prep
    9. Add spices to boost metabolism
    10. Study while doing cardio
    11. Track the nutrients you eat
    12. Ditch coffee (NO CAFFEINE!)
    13. Foam roll, release your muscles
    14. Become more active! (PEt, kids, etc.)
    15. Get some sunshine!
    16. Restaurant, check menu beforehand
    17. Healthy snack
    18. Drive less walk more
    19. Wait 10-15 min before seconds
    20. Take time to relax
    21. Swap dessert with healthier option (Fruit popsicle)
    22. A training plan
    23.Salad, separate wet from dry
    24. Stretch after exercise or before
    25. Extra resistance wanted? Add some weight to your bag!
    26. Reduce bloating, eat more fresh fruits and veggies!
    27. Good Sleep and rest! No electronics 1-1hour 30min before bed.
    Sorry, I missed some I think but here you go!

  10. Great1 Killer says

    “Make sure you get a goods nights rest” me watching this at 2:33 am because I suddenly hate the way I look ???

  11. Catherine Soltero says

    Anyone see what her macros were? Currently experimenting with different ratios but not sure which is right for me

  12. 엄손TV says

    Korea's Umnamu Farm supports you.
    I hope you are always happy and happy.
    Always be healthy.

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  15. Carisbel Guaramato says

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  16. Mohona Deb says

    5:18 me watching is at 3AM ?

  17. Despoina Tsipouri says

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  18. Vintagedudette_13 says

    “Play with kids”
    Pedos: yayy now I have an excuse

  19. Shaun Lennox says

    If you like AOE. Check out the free open source game modeled after it called 0.A.D. It’s amazing. Hope you check it out and thanks for the advice!

  20. Amaya Mclean-Monfries says

    So helpful even tho I’m 3 years late

  21. Steve Cage says

    Medicare provides medical care for people in the USA that are 66 years old and older. For a healthy person in their late 60s it cost about $500 per month. And costs increase as a person gets older. Plus there are additional costs for people that have a big drug bill.  Some people can not afford to buy their prescription drugs.

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  22. Norma Jean says

    Your dog is so cute!

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  24. A plus health life says

    This is exactly what I talk about in this video:

  25. Itz_JJ Watermelonz says

    is anyone else watching this like 4 years later during qaurentine?

  26. RianDo95 says

    I stopped after "the don't drink caffeine drink".
    Unfortunately, I live on caffeine, either 2 cups of coffee or 5 cups of tea for the past 3-4 years. Slice me open and tea/coffee would probably pour out =]]

  27. Tomorrow Isn’t A Promise says

    Love all this tips..

  28. Clive Bongani says

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  30. Hayden Chittim Rd News says

    Thanks this really helps

  31. Evelia Zullo says

    "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists."

  32. The hawk says

    Make sure you don’t have electronics in bed. I look at the time and it is 2 in the morning erm

  33. Hailee Bibb says

    ok but um your dog is the CUTEST

  34. Kristin Ramsey says

    Who else is here because it’s 2:45 AM and they ate a whole bag of chips ??? no just me

  35. L K says

    Every time I try to get healthy im just like “meh I’ll die in 60 years anyways “ ??‍♀️?

  36. Naomi Grace says

    If you want to avoid soreness after working out, immediately eat something with protein (just a small snack), drink water, and spend about 15 minutes walking. We were taught to do this in sports med.

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  40. Cookie Scout says

    I got a McDonald's as right before I watched this ?

  41. Jaro Jaric says

    this was really helpful,thanks a lot.

  42. Remedies Net says

    I love your tips thank you❤

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