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3 year old basketball player prodigy Carter Suchowesky


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  1. Olivia BI says

    How is this possible

  2. Duece & DaMarcus Momm says

    Is this baby adopted? That last name? ?

  3. Борис Зорин says

    What is the size of the ball?

  4. DBandz 2K says

    I hope I don't get killed by a racist police officer when he makes it to the NBA so that I can watch him play

  5. Ash Maz says

    Anyone know what the songs called?

  6. Dorion Norton says


  7. Little honey says

    My grandpa tell me when he was little like 3 years old he was very well

  8. ermis7545 says


  9. Aneela Unas says


  10. Irena Ognjanovic says

    Check out a two year old prodigy from Serbia. 🙂 https://youtu.be/GK9WuaNSxA8

  11. m huzaifa says

    i love song and trick

  12. Lwin Khant says

    Be a coach

  13. stef hohenadel says

    You are an inspiration to my son! He’s not yet 2 but is obsessed with your skills and this video especially. Good tune too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Inivèsèl Inivèsèl says


  15. Cory TheTaurusTuber Est. 2000 says

    I have a feeling this kid could cross me ??

  16. rezwana karim says

    Veri nice

  17. Sushi Valencia says


  18. Laura Valentina Alsina Guerrero says

    que cosa tan enana

  19. fasola 13578 says

    this is how many millions he will make in the NBA

  20. packiyarasa panushan says

    Hes so adorable

  21. Moon Goddess says

    Better then me

  22. RyanOn DaYT says

    All people who disliked are the people who can’t admit he’s better than them

  23. Ash says

    Does anyone notice that this kid is better then me???

  24. We can do it says


  25. Jean-Viere Sylvien says

    Amazing for a 3 year old. Sad this video has any dislikes. This world so full of negativity it's a shame. I pray this lil boy grow into an amazing man/player one day

  26. Ashley Mcgee says


  27. Stan Martin El says


  28. Ken gaming says


  29. Norma Hattori says

    He’s so cute 🙂

  30. Dora Perez says

    Que bestia

  31. rencel malco says


  32. angelica melendrez says

    Is this in nampa Idaho?

  33. Michael Dixon says

    Why Labron cant sleep at night

  34. brayden 4real says

    The next kobe

  35. Soul Lady Resa says

    This little prodigy is well on his way to a successful journey playing basketball. What a fun and healthy hobby to do!

  36. Viki Demos says

    May the Force be with you little man..

  37. Marleigh and Rylynn says

    Now this is insane! I mean he literally scratched his head and kept going! Three years old, he shouldn’t be doing all that!! This baby can shoot and retreat dribble! God bless!

  38. Edward T says


  39. beastt uchiha says


  40. Hot Dog HeadQuarters says

    This kid got some potential

  41. Erjok apech says

    Why does this have 2k dislike dam like the video do ditch the dislike

  42. 马国 says


  43. My Channel says

    I want to hug him

  44. Chief Charlie says

    How could you dislike! Your son must be fem if you hated lol

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