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3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers


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Today, we will be giving you 3 tips for young soccer goalkeepers.

The first one is to learn how to cover your angles properly. Unfortunately, many goalkeepers play too deep into their net. A better way to block incoming soccer balls, would be to come out a little bit further out the net, to cover as much angles as possible to prevent the forwards from scoring a goal.

This tactic is excellent to help you block much more of that big net. However, you need to be careful about the chip shots, meaning when the ball goes over your head into the net. If you’re advanced far enough and the forward makes this move, you’ll need to get back into your net very quickly to make the save.

The second tip is know how to properly cover a corner kick. This is a very important soccer tip, than can help you and your team win more matches.

Corner kicks, happen very often in a game and you want to be able to remove the risk of the opposing team to score a goal. You want to catch the ball in the goal area to prevent forwards form scoring. If for any reasons you cannot catch the ball, you can punch it away, out the goal area.

The third and last tip for young soccer goalkeepers is to learn how to not hesitate when the ball or a player comes to you with a chance at goal. If you’re sure that you can get to the ball quicker than the opposite teams players, you need to take that chance and attack that ball.

If you have that chance, you run very quickly towards the incoming ball and you kick it far away in the center of the field so that it’s not a danger anymore. If you can freeze the ball, then that is a great option as well.

We really hope that you enjoyed these 3 tips for young soccer goalkeepers. If you found it useful or think that it can be useful to someone else, please share it.

Thank you for watching and have a great day!

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  2. diganta magotra says

    hey you did something mistake bend your knees when you the ball is comeing to you

  3. Marco Anderberg says

    Sorry to say, but you are literally shit….

  4. CJ46 says

    I done a trial to play goalkeeper once, I saved almost every shot but didn’t make the team cause 1 my goal kicks weren’t very good but I’ve improved since but my handling was my worst attribute

  5. The Rock says

    Pock mal

  6. Sambandha Gurung says

    thanks you sir for the tips

  7. tamba bundor says


  8. Brock Lesner says

    Great vid but on the last one is a bit wrong but you don’t pass it out because a attaker could just chip you like Adrian against Atletico Madrid

  9. The Midnight Gamer says

    I started goalkeeper training today and I did pretty go although tryouts are in 2 weeks

  10. Junayna Ackba says


  11. Junayna Ackba says


  12. Junayna Ackba says


  13. Aidan Mair says

    This guys tips are severely flawed his positioning is terrible, the striker coming 1 on 1 with him should be able to score every time because the keeper is miles of his line and for the crosses your not always going to have defenders on each post. The only think he did get right was you can’t hesitate when rushing out of goal once your committed you can’t turn back.

  14. faustianWhitney MamieBolton says


  15. 1 Fence 96 Scousers says

    Most professional footballers start their training between the age of 4-8 years. How exactly do they know how tall they will be when they grow up since most footballers are at least 6'2?

  16. Hayden Kaliisa says

    My coach put me in goal since our goal keeper was injured now I’m first team goalkeeper (I was a defender)

  17. Duck Hunt says

    I try goalie in my old school when I played at gym

  18. God PykeTM says

    So 900k people are bad goalkeepers?

  19. Maryam Holmes says

    I’m trying out for a BUSA team and this helps! Thanks!

  20. Mihika Moghe says

    you are amaaaazing thanks a lot

  21. Yll Alickaj says

    Why do you delete comments

  22. HaraMi YaaR says

    Today we have game and I'm the goalkeeper my team…

  23. Maddy MacPherson says

    Thanks for making this video although I already knew most of this stuff it was a good reminder before my tryouts Tommorow

  24. O.J. says

    Just in case, there is an app that helps identify factors affecting reaction time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y41xprlZ8js

  25. Itz_ Mike says

    Your good my bully’s said come do a match and I won just from your help

  26. ROHIT BISWAS says

    Dude can u just teach the essential exercises to gain height

  27. Insanity Fan says

    Thx so much man <3

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