3 INCREDIBLE Basketball Prodigies | No Days Off Training & Highlights

Practices are cancelled and gyms are closed, but basketball prodigies Collin Tjin, Peyton Kemp & Cameron Mercadel are still finding a way to put in work.

10-year-old Peyton Kemp:
11-year-old Collin Tjin:
14-year-old Cameron Mercadel:

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View: 3 INCREDIBLE Basketball Prodigies | No Days Off Training & Highlights

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27 bình luận trong “3 INCREDIBLE Basketball Prodigies | No Days Off Training & Highlights

  1. Colin thinks he is a god handler but this guys Shooting is goated I thought I could shoot far range but I can finish to the rim really good! We thought lmao

  2. Everyone here saying that Collin is only good because he's rich. This kids good because he loves the sport and wants to work hard. Listening to him talk I think he really understands how blessed he is. And like what did you guys expect his father designs cars for company's, of course there are going to have money. Peyton's family probably has the least money and Cameron second most. But what does it matter. Yea anyone can get good because of money but to be great it takes passion and that is something that non of us can tell from just a 6:07 video.

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