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3 Days in Rome Vlog! Colosseum, Forum, Vatican, Food, Travel


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Join us in this vlog as we spend 3 days in Rome, Italy; The Colosseum, The Forum, Vatican City, Vatican Museum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and PIZZA!

All shot on iPhone 6S.

Travelled in February.

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  1. Suitcase Monkey says

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  2. MrOsar says

    Love your content. I have been watching your video all day long. Thanks mate!!!!.

  3. nelly abeysinghe says

    Really good


    I show this video to my wife she said how about a dinner in little Italy and a drive over the Verrazano Bridge and espresso at home – she's such a practical girl

  5. andy andino says

    I love Rome and Italy in general, only if they would clean it, its a very dirty city

  6. Callista Alda says

    Thank you for sharingg.. your videos are awesomee

  7. Martin Kent says

    Rome is one of the world's top destinations! Historically, the government was always top heavy and so the residents are exempt from civic duties and responsibilities. When in Rome, don't do what the Romans do. Obey all traffic laws. It's bad taste to add to the street mayhem. If the residents and visitors to Rome ever accepted their civic duties, the world would thrive – knowing that Rome's streets, adults and communities, finally became law-abiding, ethical and conscientious. Imagine!

  8. jaymorpheus11 says

    I love it when people talk in travel or any video… subtitles and text are not enough

  9. Cami Siqueira says

    Hi just wondering when in March this trip was so I can plan for attire.

  10. elegy slp says

    You've got a very plastic mouth and active eyebrows . Rome through a hyperlens – can't beat it .

  11. Roma The Great says

    Buongiorno eitaly ???????????????

  12. Alex Mammen says

    Very nice video ,going there nov 2020

  13. Sharon Gee says

    i screamed at the massage reveal!! lmaooooooooooo

  14. Claire Farrugia says

    Awesome vid! The massage part was quite funny ? From which website did you pre-book your tickets for the Vatican etc please? We’re visiting for our first wedding anniversary this November ❤️

  15. BLACK JACK says

    ??? quick massage!!

  16. Drel & Jay says

    The sistine chapel is beautiful. It's amazing it's 500 years old. So dope. I loved your video!

  17. tricky dick says

    "Bar" is not a restaurant. It's a cafè.

  18. Francine Nazaruddin says

    I’ve just returned from 3 weeks in Italy. Rome was by far the best! Thank you for the great work

  19. SydneyPhotography2019 says

    I’m going g on Saturday!

  20. Joe English says

    I looks like you had great fun in Rome, ha ha ha! Made me feel envious for the duration of the vlog..?
    Just a few things I couldn't help noticing, if you don't mind?:
    'Trinità' is just one word, as in 'Trinità dei Monti' (so three words in total, not four).
    'Piazza Navona' with an 'A' at the end. You don't need to make a bigger effort and try to put an '-ee' sound to make it appear more Italian ?.
    Also, 'Via del Corso' with an 'O' at the end. The other attempts, obviously, don't exist although you must have had a few glasses of wine at that point, which adds to the fun of the vlog. So you're excused! ?
    Last but not least, a 'bar' is a BAR in Italy. A 'café' is a CAFÉ too – in other words a usually more refined bar, possibly with a terrace, and serving nice coffees principally, as well as food (sweet or salty, often nothing too complicated).
    And restaurants in Italy, that's true, come under different nomenclature, depending on their different categories, decor, type of food (traditional, more modern, national, local, the way it is made, etc.) and prices. They are: OSTERIA, TAVERNA, TAVOLA CALDA, ROSTICCERIA, PIZZERIA, TRATTORIA, RISTORANTE,…
    Please don't take offence from these corrections! I really love your films and found this one really great too, but couldn't pretend I hadn't observed a few hiccups. I'm too passionate about Italy to let it pass! ?


    Rome is beautiful and Italian food is delicious ?

  22. Jennifer Lorence says


  23. Jennifer Lorence says

    I mean, Common!!!!!!!!!!!! Who Couldn't Like this Video????????? Morons, that's who.

  24. Jennifer Lorence says

    Big Thumbs UP, for the Quick Massage at the Hotel. My favorite Part of the Entire Video. JA, JA, JA, JA, JA, JA, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. nona yobizniz says

    "…or something like that?" Know your material or be quiet. I hope you have a day job because your videos are barely tolerable.

  26. Damiano Di Nicola says

    Roma è Roma?

  27. Sandra Jose says

    Looks like Feb is a bad time to go. Lots of tourist you can barely walk around. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Pasquale Cancelliere says

    I have been to Rome many times, where is Piazza Novoni? Did you mean Piazza Navone?

  29. Brandon Burrell says

    Great video.

  30. Nanya Basu says

    Very informative video btw … Can you tell me the time of your travel, which month of the year

  31. Metal Lisander says

    there is nothing to do Italy is the most beautiful country in the world

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