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3 Baby food recipes || 7 to 12 months baby food || Healthy & tasty baby food


3 Baby food recipes || 7 to 12 months baby food || Healthy & tasty baby food,oats,apple,babnana, apple porridges

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  1. Mohammed Sahal says


  2. V R says

    Can 7 months can have salt?

  3. Smile Please says

    Nice Recipe…Thanks for sharing

  4. kusuma akunuriajayraj says

    Nice .. Evi a timings lo pettali

  5. Paul Sujan says


  6. sheela sindhu says

    Plz use wooden board to cut the ingredients. Gud

  7. Adiza Umar says

    This amazing food kids

  8. Doaa Al-mosawi says

    good job

  9. Haleem Pharmacy says

    Very good ?

  10. Archana’s Hub says


  11. bqsha elamrani says

    Only 83 comments?

  12. Rajeeb Mahapatra says


  13. Dd Dd says

    Ok mom I’m

  14. Pkvagh Pkvagh says

    Very good mam

  15. Varsha Tayal says

    Very nice

  16. Rukmini Raju says

    Healthy food

  17. Carol Monroy says


  18. Marjorie Exantus says

    My baby like this food

  19. Sharmila Asohan says


  20. Azan Sheikh says

    Thanks very nice recipe for baby

  21. TTWSYF Believe says

    This is excellent

  22. suparna Das says

    My baby 9 month old..can I give his this food???

  23. Diljit jabkra says


  24. Marwa Yassine says

    She left one rice in the bowl ?

  25. Ausaf Haider says


  26. nhine mendoza says

    Is this possible for 6months old baby ?

  27. Sreeja B says

    Nice sistr bt 7mnth la start panalma

  28. Soumya Kagi says


  29. siddhika nisha says

    Can we give raw banana for baby?

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