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2MD: VR Football Unleashed | Oculus Quest, Rift Platform


2MD is a groundbreaking motion-controlled VR football game. Draw the plays, call the shots, and throw, hand-off, or run the ball before the clock runs out!

‣ Throw like a pro with realistic motion controls in a room-scale quarterback experience.
‣ Draw up to 8 offensive plays in VR before taking the field.
‣ 8 customizable teams and 8 immersive stadiums.
‣ Exciting arcade presentation, challenging AI, achievements, leaderboards, virtual trophy case, and more.
‣ Oculus Rift Cross-Buy Enabled.

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  1. Jase ThatBeMe says

    I have it on my Oculus quest, I played it. Frustrating because I throw a real ball from behind my head, hence it loses tracking, so most of my passes fall straight to the ground.

  2. Rockulus Hollywood says

    Finally a game that doesn't involve shooting. I have this game and it's excellent. That's my main beef with the quest is almost every game is geared toward 12 y/o kids who can't play anything unless it involves a weapon.

  3. RetartedEntity says

    looks amazing, saving for a quest at the moment. I've been seeing so many good reviews for it, also I have a question. Will it use hand tracking in the future??

  4. Michael Carson says

    I don’t get why oculus is the only vr company making exclusive to the platform games, it’s getting annoying having to play everything through revive

  5. DylPickle says

    I’m getting one of these headsets too. I really wish it had fnaf help wanted on it though

  6. Victor VR says

    Does anyone know if FNaF VR: Help Wanted will come out on the Quest? If yes, when?

  7. lime gaming says

    Btw when are you gonna add hand tracking games

  8. lime gaming says


  9. Adam R says

    I love this game so much! Definitely a must buy for sports fans

  10. DOOT says


  11. GregzVR says

    This is way better than it initially looks, but I'm surprised they used the Quest version for the trailer, ad the Rift version is much slicker graphically.

  12. Sanjay Sharma says

    Hi oculus I love your guys work I’m getting the quest!

  13. It looks okay I guess..

  14. Life Progress says

    oculus is bringing VR to the masses.
    I love it

  15. Inside Looking in says

    Looks very very bad!!!

  16. lowlandpanda2 • says

    How are you guys rejecting games like crisis VRigid but accepting this?

  17. Krispyyy says

    Crazy how underrated oculus is

  18. sense is a qt says


  19. IDW _ LAZY says

    Big balls

  20. Windows Vista Professional says


  21. iiTrxpleAye says

    How much is this?

  22. Andres Rivera says


  23. HeyItsBran! says


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