39 bình luận trong “28769 POINTS in Redline Team Event | Hill Climb Racing 2

  1. Rosen sind rot
    Münzen sind geld und ich hab mir nä pizza bestellt komm doch her und lege dich drauf denn auf meiner Pizza fehlt noch der Lauch

    Danne linus für so coolen Kontent

  2. Linus, can you comment the password to Terminators in one of my videos? (So random people won't likely see it) and then once I join, you can delete it. This is because I can't log into my discord account for some reason. Thanks!

  3. WOW, Nice video,
    You've given me the joy of playing with SP and motobike 🙂

    i saw your Q&A, I'm just a year Younger and i think you are very good at English like me bcause you're writing in shorthand, I'm not English, like u

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