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27 Travel PACKING HACKS – How to Pack Better!


Become a better packer with these 27 Travel Packing Hacks! The travel hacks have made me pack faster and save space and I know they will work for you when packing for your next trip.

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  1. Kristen & Siya says

    MANY of you have asked about the dress I'm wearing in this video which is SUPER lightweight and great for travel. You can get it here with FREE SHIPPING >> http://bit.ly/2mB0T3R
    Also, here is the link to the other travel clothing brand I mention that has 8-1 tops and other outfits >>> – https://encircled.refersion.com/c/4b1003

  2. lilac dimond says

    i rap my outfits in socks

  3. Echo Asmr says

    A really good hack is to put your clothes in a plastic back and suck the air out of them another helpful thing is to use the same bags every time you go on holiday

  4. CJ Fire says

    I love how she says breakable then throws them around

  5. Briana Larson says

    my flight got cancelled due to corona. I fly out to Washington once a year and I won't get to go this year, but I still watch these. I think this might just be my way of coping hehe

  6. Crazy Monkey Potato says

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW she doesnt typically wear bras?!?! I. Am. Horrified. ?????????

  7. Selinna Wang says

    Is someone in 2020 still watching? I mean we r all in quarantine bored. + watching this was a bad idea bc now i want to travel ?

  8. Carmen Garcia says

    Too much story…

  9. Alyssa Fritz says

    I tie a bright scarf around the handles of my bags just so they’re easily identifiable if they get moved further back in the plane or if you have to check it!

  10. eric9385 says

    “Sarongs are the BOMB!”
    Putting the word “bomb” in a video about travel through flight… not a good idea.

  11. eric9385 says

    “They’ve exploded in your socks”


  12. Shyanne Coffelt says

    Can you do tips for bus travel?

  13. Little Nockster says

    This is how I pack my clothes. I roll an outfit together and secure it with a hair tie. This way I can just grab one and head to the restroom in the morning. I pack one for each day and an extra just in case. I divide the days by two and bring that many pajama rolls. I roll my swimsuits individually and put them in my cleanest shoes. I have a roll with an extra sweatshirt and sweatpants in case it rains or snows unexpectedly. This saves a lot of space without all the extra clothes and a lot of time because you’re not picking out your outfits in the morning.

  14. Wendy Astin says

    You look like Angie from Skins

  15. Lexi Lynn says

    Technically Q-tips aren't made to clean your ears, and instead are made to clean dust off of certain surfaces. They are actually proven to be a little harmful to your ears and can effect your hearing cause of the cotton stuff on them.

  16. Reem Yasin says

    Omg I wanna know what brand your bra is, I hate wire bras ?

  17. Tamara Vaughn says

    The clothes and shoes

  18. Club Glove says

    On the topic of Travel Hacks here's one for you! I ALWAYS make sure to travel with my TRS Ballistic connectable luggage. It honestly is the best on the market and I can't imagine using anything else. With its durability and functionality, it's been a lifesaver when traveling abroad. Check it out for yourself at trsballistic.com

  19. spring roll says

    im going to camp for a night and 2 days

  20. Keira Beverly says

    I’m currently packing for Disney World! And one hack I use is a pack undies a clean shirt and leggings in my carry on just in case I get stuck during a layover or my luggage gets delayed.

  21. Roxanne says

    All these were great. But I dont want dirty shoe soles inside my shower cap where my head and clean hair goes.

  22. Kim Abagat says

    Thanks for the tips. I’m leaving for East London tomorrow for a 6 day multiple college visit trip, so we will be at different hotels each day and I need to pack very simply. Any suggestions?

  23. Dakota Fochler says

    I’m going on a Disney cruise

  24. Dakota Fochler says

    Do you live in Alberta or bc

  25. AlwaysAreya says

    I roll my clothes and I’m going to North Carolina tomorrow

  26. Rob ton says


  27. Vårin Linnea Amundsen says

    Who else is going on a trip and binge-watching these videos

  28. Wega Hyyti says


  29. Pam Ordog says

    Smart tips!

  30. Youzhen Zhang says

    Totally agree with the power strip tip!!

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