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27 Legendary Messi Assists – With Commentaries – HD


27 Legendary Messi Assists – With Commentaries – HD
27 Legendary Messi Assists – With Commentaries – HD
27 Legendary Messi Assists – With Commentaries – HD




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  1. ZAHID KHAN says

    What a man Lionel Messi is!!!!! Unbelievable and unstoppable!!!! Subhanallah

  2. Md Remon says

    1O MASSI ????????????????????????????????????????

  3. Vineet Agarwal says

    I think he is having a third eye

  4. Dimas Herlambang says

    Ngeri anjing

  5. Kibria Husain says

    I love messi best

  6. Amit Sharma says

    honestly its a crime to compare this alien to a human.

  7. MultiIlikeyou says

    This is why I choose Messi a thousand times over Ronaldo. Yes Ronaldo is great, a great goalscorer. But Messi is a complete package. He lifts the whole team up every time he plays.

  8. Dx Gamerzx says

    Why is MESSI the greatest of all time?
    He's got the best…

    Goals. Assists. Free kicks. Penalties. Corner kicks. Dribbles. Ball control. Duels. Passes. Leadership. Integrity of not diving.

    Meanwhile, the other rival only got…
    Goals. Free kicks. Penalties. Tricks.

    (don't even include the comparison of Trophies and Achievements)

  9. คุณชาย พระจันทร์ฉาย says
  10. Junaid Mk says

    മെസ്സി പോളിയാണ്

  11. Sid -the sloth says

    Messi is only one who can get a golden boot and help others to get a golden boot.

  12. meen deuba says

    Who says magic is fake.

  13. DinoRush says

    Messi is not a pro player ! He is super player

  14. diamond Tran says

    Maybe Messi has another 2 eyes on the back of his head. It's the only explanation why he can see things so broadly.

  15. El Guerito says

    Who’s here after he broke the La Liga assist record??

  16. subhadwip parui says

    Messi (GOAT) :Great Of All Time?

  17. yasinxasan gacal says

    Messi magical assists

  18. 3 Stars says

    CR7 6:20 what is this thing actually????

  19. Rodrigo Iván Trejo Luna Ramírez says

    Nmms como se la chupan los comentaristas a Messi haciendo menos las definiciones que también son excelentes

  20. so _ul says

    the real GOAT ?

  21. B 4You Music says

    Messi Messi Messi..the real hero.. No words

  22. souleymane samake says

    The Best !!!

  23. Prabu Ram says

    Yaru sami ivan othaya nikirira footballa

  24. Abhi Dey says

    This kind of football is never seen to be frank … its a magical blend of I dont know what.
    I mean he is something very different than what others do.

  25. Ashique Husain says

    It's a crime to compare messi with mardona or pele or ronaldo. They are nowhere near him.

  26. sarbik de says

    There are so many more beautiful amd magical passes,this videos doesn't do justice to his passing skills…?

  27. Proof TO says

    3:23 ??????

  28. Solares Voices Oficial says

    Cosas que Cristiano ni volviendo a nacer hace grande Messi

  29. SimplyOP says

    He has it all. Long pass, through balls, chip through balls, dribble and through balls, bicycle pass, and best no shoe assist.

    GOAT for a reason!

  30. Quang Tuan Dang says

    Messi is amazing but ALMOST all of the assists are in the same scenario: Receiving the ball on a side, drags out 2 or 3 defenders out of position and lays it on the other flank where a teammate makes a run from behind. Maybe it's the system that allow Leo to do that, that why Barcelona thrives and Argentina fails, they just dont have the the players to do that run for Messi passes in the national team.
    The word "ledendary" should be used for passes from Ozil or Guti. They're usually unpredictable and come from all angles and positions

  31. vishnu TJ says

    Messi fans like here

  32. vishnu TJ says

    Love you messi

  33. Arik megrabyan says


  34. Govardhan Anil says

    Super fantastic

  35. zakitong 123 says

    Messi Is GOOD


  36. Sam Z says

    0:32 please any one knows who’s this commentator and which channel???

  37. Pyrkhatlang Tiewsoh says

    2:05 wasn't even looking. ?

  38. JOYNAL'S Vlog sylhet says

    messi magic

  39. Diego Mente says

    Alguna jugada con el Pipa Higuaín? ??

  40. Sumaya Nasrin says

    Where is the penalty assist?

  41. Suhaib Kappur says

    Chekkan vere leval aan

  42. J Valdes says

    Messi breathes
    Ray Hudson: MAGIIIIIIIC!?????

  43. Julio Raul Ubilluz Granda says

    Pensar que Messi ya estaría rondando las 400 asistencias si tan solo sus compañeros de ataque culminaran con más efectividad su pases precisos ah habido montón de ocasiones les deja 1 vs 1 y la mandan afuera jaja pero esa da igual , Messi el mejor en cualquier registro que se lo ponga a prueba ?❤⚽️

  44. md masom khan says


  45. Abdullahi Nasser says

    That messi is king ??

  46. Emerald Khongjee says

    My favourite player is messi because every match he met he will never left his team behind as this assets show that messi is famous than the other player

  47. Devdas Ktk says


  48. Sanwar مدی سرکار says


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