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25 Best Places to Visit in Eastern Europe – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

Eastern Europe might not be everyone’s number one travel destination. Communist-era buildings, the conflicts in the 1990s and border disputes in recent years have meant much of the region has been overlooked by potential tourists. But with its patchwork of pretty, pastel-colored old towns, incredible ancient history, exciting nightlife, and nature from sprawling lakes to swooping mountains, Eastern Europe is a surprising delight. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in Eastern Europe:

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  1. PG trojka says

    https://youtu.be/s0exlFlGQiE Want to see more from my country Montenegro? This will help.
    Also i must say that Warsaw is literally top 5 skylines of Europe. Better skyline than Frankfurt.
    Also Zagreb is much prettier than Belgrade ,just like second biggest city in Serbia Novi Sad. But i understand you wanted to include as many countries as possible. So all in all i liked the video, but for ex communist Europe top 50 or top 100 is more realistic. 🙂 Bratislava is nice too.

  2. Uros Mitrovic says

    Very bad presentation of Belgrade, videos are old and all taken in winter. There is not a single clip taken by drone and it has much more to say about this beautiful city!

  3. Emanuel Walzer says

    No Lithuania

  4. Steve Veasey says

    The locals will argue that some of these places are in 'Central Europe' not Eastern Europe. I would have put Wroclaw in there somewhere but its a good selection.

  5. Артём says

    2:19 unfortunately they decided to get rid of all trees on the hill where the castle is. This hill was supported by the roots of the trees or something. In a couple years this little hill will not exist.

  6. Tvn Si says

    No any postcommunist capitals! They have no real history and culture. Most is artificial. If nothing to show the show neomonasteries.

  7. Pio P says

    Nicely done:) Only one thing: @28:56 shows Warsaw (Krakowskie Przedmiescie street) and not Krakow 😉

  8. MBOSS says

    Lake Ohrid, and Skopje ❤??❤, 356 orthodox churches ☦❤

  9. Maria Jimenez Padilla says


  10. Maria Jimenez Padilla says

    I,d like forever ??????

  11. Jojo ‘47 says

    MUIE ungaria ???

  12. ntinos kioses says

    Then maybe Greece is not in (south)east Europe! At least one place (city,landmark,etc.) should be in this list!

  13. Edward Ivanov says

    90% of the people in the comments are actually from Eastern Europe.

  14. 23SLAVO23 says

    @touropia, place 23. High tatras, mount Kriváň isnt highest peak !!! Gerlachovský štít is highest peak in high tatras !!

  15. Matthias Willerson says

    I would love to visit all these places but come on, barely covered Ukraine. Only Kyiv and you spelled it Kiev at that when there are so many additional Ukrainian cities that beat some of these on the list.

  16. Darius says

    Bratislava should be there definitely among others

  17. vladislav905 says

    Krivan is definetely not the highest peak in High Tatras 😀 it is Gerlachhovsky

  18. Tomáš Ďuriš says

    Actually, mount Kriváň is not the highest peak, even though it really is our national symbol. The Highest peak is mount Gerlach.

  19. Lb b says

    Warsaw is better then kiev, also lviv, wroclaw, gdansk, Torun , crimea and bulgarian coast should be there

  20. Jooyeon Naomi says

    i'm from thailand and i love krakow and bucharest more than paris and london

  21. MrJekosik says

    I think Kiev is the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe

  22. Evangelos Tavantzis says

    isnt greece in eastern europe too?
    it should be in the list

  23. puh81 says

    Very good material. Nice veovideo like and sub 🙂

  24. Zhora says

    Balkan alone is soooooo much better than most of Western Europe…

  25. Andreea Iliescu says

    I think you should have also included Bucharest, the Romanian capital in this . such a shame

  26. futrzaq says

    Kraków always <3

  27. kyle Reinhold says

    why Zagreb isnt in this list

  28. kyle Reinhold says

    of all the places shown in this video i have only went in Dubrovnik and Prague and those cities are unforgettable the world must see this cities because it is already gaining worldwide attention


    Hey! where is Greece?

  30. Andre Dias says

    Great job! It is amazing how so many people go on-line to bitch and moan and criticize. Don't get bothered by it! Of course every list is personal, everyone will have their own. Yours are great! It is also nice when someone politely point ou ours mistakes, everyone makes them. But some comments here are way over the line. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

  31. benny bey says

    Did you mean "central and eastern Europe" ?

  32. rian nova says

    Constanta, Romania ?
    Odessa, Ukraine?
    Bol, Croatia?
    Sveti Stefan, Montenegro?
    Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina?
    Lviv, Ukraine?
    Sochi, Russia?

  33. Edi Mi says

    There are many, many other fantastic beautiful places that are missing in this video. It`s a shame Eastern Europe is so much underrated.

  34. Dim Man says

    Greece isn't in Eastern Europe???

  35. Boris Salkovic says

    There is 7 of 25 places from former Yugoslavia 😉

  36. Alicja says

    All of these places are just so beautiful…They all seem so atmospheric

  37. Nha Ngo says

    I like Eastern Europe because a lot of history anh old building.

  38. Joy Bakshi says

    I feel there are a lot of places missing which should have easily made the list – Gdansk, Lviv, Plovdiv to name a few.

  39. Onkel Tuerke says

    Funny how you explicitly have to mention, that the bridge in Bosnia was built by 'occupying' ottomans. So the Roman buildings in the east were not built by 'occupying' romans?
    all those subliminal messages. Romans = good. Ottomans = bad

  40. DODO says

    Eastern Europe is one of the few places on Earth which are still … Europe.

  41. Michael Freeman says

    Please stop transmitting Russian propaganda!!! Rus tribes and Kyivan-Rus have nothing to do with the Russia!!!
    It's all fake based on what conquers used to do to conquered nations reriding their history!!!
    Rus is Ukraine and have nothing to do with Mongolian-Russia!!!
    P.S. Stop being helpful idiot's for mother Russia's propoganda!!!

  42. Yaroslav Melnychuk says

    No Vienna? But Moscow 2nd place… Seriously?

  43. Lin Vloger says

    I love Europe ❤

  44. yves07pl says

    25. Vilnius ✔️
    24. Minsk – planning
    23. High Tatras ✔️
    22. Sofia ✖️
    21. Burtint NP – planning
    20. Česky Krumlov ✖️
    19. Golden Ring ✖️
    18. Warsaw – city where I live ❤️
    17. Lake Balaton ✖️
    16. Mostar ✔️ (but personally I prefer Sarajevo)
    15. Riga ✔️❤️
    14. Lake Ohrid – planning
    13. Plitvice Lakes NP ✔️
    12. Belgrade ✔️❤️
    11. Kiev ✔️
    10. Lake Bled – planning
    9. Budapest ✔️
    8. Bay of Kotor ✔️
    7. Tallinn ✔️
    6. Transylvania ✔️❤️
    5. Saint Petersburg – planning
    4. Krakow – my home city ❤️
    3. Dubrovnik ✖️
    2. Moscow – planning
    1. Prague ✔️

  45. legrisan says

    So, 90% of these are just the capitals of Europe, the rest is interesting though

  46. bubu 88 says

    Ok. Once again: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech republic ARE NOT Eastern Europe. We have got this "Name" because of the Western politicians as the "East" (in the west ) always mean somthing underdeveloped, something poor and negative… These countries exactly are in the middle of Europe. Before the world war 1. Hungary was a Middle Europian Kingdom… So terrible and funny when an Irish man calle me Eastern Europien ( in a detractiveand way) and calle Ireland Western Europien…..The people who are mad this film did a good job, it is realy nice, but please consider what I wrote…. Thank You…

  47. Неоандерталец Австралийский says

    Greece ?? no Eastern Europe?

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