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21 Best Places to Visit in South America – Travel Video


Check out all the places seen in this video:

South America is a continent of superlatives: the highest lake, the driest desert, the largest waterfall… Well, you get the picture. Environmentalists will enjoy the amazing fauna in the Amazon, while shoppers can choose between upscale boutiques in big cities like Rio de Janeiro or the colorful markets of Andean villages. You can explore lost cities of ancient civilizations, feast your eyes on stunning scenery almost everywhere you go or you can try out the local cuisine. It’s your choice, and South America gives you lots of them. Here’s a look at the best places to visit in South America:

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  1. Aye Vega Carrasco says

    So proud of my Perú. Every southamerican country is full of astonishing places and incredible mix of cultures. This was an amazing review of the uncountable destinations that mother nature has to offer us. But I agree with Machu Picchu being the #1 destination. The majestic sanctuary, full of mysticism and history, has the magical power that makes unique every single time you visit it. Simply, breathtaking.
    Come to Perú!!! ??

  2. Wendie WNDelecious says

    So I am currently learning Spanish right now and I bumped into this video. I can’t wait to visit South America.

  3. M. Bosch says

    Un poco destinos para ricos muy ricos, diría yo.

  4. Xiaoliang He says

    La Paz in Bolivia is the highest capital in this world.

  5. esto es BOLIVIA says

    Bolivia death road.
    beautiful road

  6. Alan Davis says

    Salvador is not in South America

  7. Maria Jimenez Padilla says

    Is wanderfull and fantastic. I love you. ?????

  8. Alvaro Bernardo says

    faca como eu quarentena sem depresao assistindo estes videos destes lugares muito bonito e estou enriquecendo meus conhecimentos em geografia

  9. TL Travel says

    So many great recommendations here! I am recapping my six months in South America right now & it's bringing back aaaallll the memories (best and worst haha). A few of these I missed though, so I will definitely have to go back again when I can! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Rogerio Andrade says

    I found it kind of funny not to include the biggest city in the region, that also happens to have the highest number of travellers and air traffic : São Paulo.
    Although it is true that São Paulo does not do a good job of promoting itself as a leisure destination as other cities in this list do.

  11. Suscribete si odias a mexico says

    25:04 Sorry but you need to improve your video 'cause there was no human sacrifice in Machu Picchu and the inca empire.

  12. Neto says


  13. Jesucristo el inutil says

    Salvador isn't south américa. It's central américa.

  14. sinthia C.A says

    Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia.. it's an unbelievable place..?

  15. ahmed salah says

    hapy beautifle year i love this cantery

  16. the phoenix 315 says

    As well as Qution Tokyo, Wellington, Santiago, Bogotá, Jakarta, Reykjavík, Rome and Manila are threatened by volcanoes as well

  17. the phoenix 315 says

    It is the most beautiful and diverse continent on Earth!

  18. Inajae Turner says

    who else has to watch this bc of hw lol

  19. Mitch McCrimmon says

    This should be called best places for adventure tourists as most of them are remote, not for me. However, I enjoyed the video as it was the first of several Touropia travel video I have seen that did not show sped up scenes, which to me are simply annoying, adding no value other than being perhaps technically 'cool'. I can't imagine many people want to visit remote salt flats for example.

  20. Prakhar Agarwal says

    Let's visit South America before it turns out to be the next Europe. I had not known about this beautiful continent till today and I'm so glad it happened. I will visit and hope to stay there for a long time.

  21. A B. says

    Mainstream Locations

  22. Lin Vloger says

    I love America ❤

  23. Andrea Eble says

    Student of tourism, I love your clips which are not only upbeat and dynamic, but also very relevant when it comes to length and content. Bravo and thank you for sharing these little gems that consolidate learning (theory)

  24. Neffalum says

    South America is a ignored gem
    So many beautiful places overshadowed by Europe

  25. holdthelock says

    As far as natural sites concerned , Southamerica the best continent of the world.

  26. tigrre11 says

    No Sao Paulo. Really? I'm not even Brazilian, but just saying. I'm not gonna try to propose which site should yield to SP if we have to keep it down to 21, but there are many places in this list that are less deserving to be here.

  27. Megendra rokaya Megendra rokaya says

    Beautiful place ??

  28. alberto19u says

    For touropia :::el Salvador is part of Central America. U need to learn more about South America special more from Peru. Peru es lindo por donde lo mires.

  29. alberto19u says

    El Peru. Lo Maximo

  30. Rohit Yadav says

    I am from india?? and i love the natural beauty of south america including amazon, iguazu falls.

  31. jose garcia says

    Colombia is beautifull wow.

  32. Georgina Paki says


  33. Nicolas Falcão dos santos says

    How beautiful my continent is.❤❤❤

  34. Riziki Mwasandube says

    Igenge one

  35. Sacha Rivas says

    At least Peru ?? has 5 best places to visit:
    1. Machu Picchu
    2. Titicaca Lake
    3. Cusco
    4. Amazon rainforest
    5. Colca canion
    And should be:
    6. Salt ponds Maras and Moray
    7. Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca)
    8. Lima
    9. Huacachina oasis
    10. Paracas National Reserve
    11. Nazca lines
    12. Kuelap fortress and Gocta waterfalls

  36. Satellitegists Media says

    Highest in the world,highest in the world,nawa ooo

  37. Sacha Rivas says

    You miss Nazca Lines, Paracas National Reserve and Huacachina oasis in Ica, Perú

  38. Javier Mendieta says

    Wheres Bariloche

  39. Mario Giusta says

    Machu Pichu, the Amazon, Caribbean beach,, Mountain, forest, jungle, large cities, have all

  40. Mario Giusta says

    Wow!!, Argentina is amazing!!, Buenos Aires, the Iguazu falls, Usuahia,, glaciar ect , all South America is beautiful and so diversity!!! Rio de Janeiro, Cuzco , Quito, that place in Colombia so beautiful, also the Angel in Venezuela, Paine in Chile!!!!

  41. manos3790 says

    South America is a must see destination. Cancelled a trip to Manaus 8yrs ago and now regretting it bigtime.

  42. C D says

    Quito is not the highest capital in the world, LA PAZ BOLIVIA is. Please check before you post.

  43. Robi Hanibal says

    always concern about safety to go there!!!

  44. Darryl Almond says

    Come Angel Falls Venezuela

  45. Darryl Almond says

    Angel Falls Venezuela

  46. Darryl Almond says

    Guyana And Venezuela and Colombia

  47. Mr Yusuf says

    Nice and peacful south

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