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2020 Fashion Trends


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Today I’m sharing the top 2020 fashion trends. Thank you so much for watching xx Audrey


Doen Top: – they run very large, I have an xs and it’s still very oversized. I’, 5’3 and my measurements are 36″ bust, 25.5″ waist and 37″ hips
Antique Seal Fob Necklace: some beautiful options here
Earrings: Vintage


0:06 Spring Leather
1:04 Lingerie Inspired
2:09 Classic & Tailored
3:33 New Necklines
4:21 Strong Shoulders, Sleeves & Collars
5:09 Polka Dots
6:12 The Long & Short Of It
7:11 Blue
7:51 Red
8:36 Good Jeans


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  1. desert dweller says

    I like the way you approached this. I think people need to always keep in mind what is right for them, and makes you look your best for your style, body type, lifestyle etc. I prefer when trends are workable for everyone, sometimes I get frustrated when a trend is so specific, but doesn't work for me. Like the stick straight hair trend, that seemed to go on forever, but I have curly hair, or the thin eyebrows, I didn't feel it looked right on me, so I would just go with a clean natural brow line. Suddenly, I was getting showered with compliments about my brows from my waxer, then found out…oh ok. I am on trend..finally! Hahaha.

  2. Trends like Fashion says

    Hello! We have more new 2020 designs and fashion try guyz you can see my page

  3. K C says

    Loving all of the fashion examples you show but i find many are shown with high heels can you, if you haven't already make a video showing maybe a handful of different alternatives to wear with these feminine fashions.. and even a few brands or designers as well, i need comfort! After wearing flip-flops, sneakers, boots and Birkenstocks. I find it almost impossible to even slip on a pair of three-inch heels for an evening out here and there. Im loving a pair of clear plastic heels i found at macys (2 inches and comfy). But I can't wear them with everything everyday. Thanks in advance. Love your style and channel!

  4. Shirley Drake says

    OMG those runway fashions are awful! It’s a great thing that none of us can afford to wear those things.

  5. MissCaraMint says

    Oh I‘ve always loved pant suites on women. It can be sto chique.

  6. MissCaraMint says

    Full leather is on trend this year? Man I really was a head of my time.

  7. Sophia Cravo says

    I love this woman

  8. TheBookloverforever says

    I'm hopeful of a time in future when leather is completely boycotted by everyone. Humanity evolves.. and someday leathers and furs will become things of the past.

  9. E L says

    Audrey, thanks for your great video. You always said you are petite but you do NOT look short in your videos! May I know what's your height?

  10. GradKat says

    Thank you for this video Audrey. I am never totally sure about the latest trends (usually by the time I’ve caught on they’re not on-trend any more!) so I found this very useful.

  11. NEWMAN PARKER says

    I love how you describe things and your voice is literally like so soothing. ugh fashion you tuber of the year award

  12. Anna Demchenko says

    God, your voice is sooo soothing!! Loved the video

  13. Sara Shlian says

    she looks like Janet from the good place

  14. ChristinA Jones says

    Vibrant and elegant! Im subscribing this channel!

  15. bambino says

    Will 2020 trends ever actually get to be worn? Everyone’s stuck at home

  16. Selma Kelly says

    Finally! Leather's coming back! Big hair too, I hope. Haha. (Oh and … the bustier!)

  17. KBB says

    Women wearing underwear as clothes … sleazy. Not creative.

  18. Son Phan says

    I love your voice and your smile. Thanks for all of your sharings ????

  19. Bounhome Sphongsai says

    Your voice beautiful relaxing ????

  20. Heeyoung Park says

    Watching your videos is like reading a fashion magazine that's interesting, fun, varied and full of practical tips!

  21. Claudia Zavala says

    Great video Audrey!!????…Thank you!!????✌????

  22. Flower Power says

    All these boomers shocked about the lingerie trend is really cracking me up lol

  23. Carmen Carmen says

    Leather…. YES!????
    Silk dresses ????Yes!

  24. Mimi MK2010 says

    Actually a great vidéo

  25. Františka Blažková says

    I honestly think I won't buy anything this year at the mall… ????

  26. Iona Joelle Nagtalon says

    I love wearing lingerie as outerwear! I've been doing it a couple of years now and I'm especially partial to lace. Satin and silk lingerie just don't strike me as much. There's just no oomph like a bralette or bodysuit in black lace/mesh/leather! ☺️ I wear them to both class and concerts/festivals.

  27. Tobias K says

    Hi Audrey! I love your videos and I've always seen my GF watching you before she goes out and buy clothes haha.. Just want to let you know that she shops on http://www.dreamboutiquee.com right after your recommendations! Keep the videos coming!

  28. Ken-Mar Rescue says

    Have just started participating in Thred Up. Have you participated? Any tips appreciated. Thanks again.

  29. Ken-Mar Rescue says

    Would appreciate a video showcasing how to clean a second hand item before wearing it. Any tips appreciated. Also, please show us what Charlestonians are wearing through the seasons and more of what to do in your gorgeous city. Hope to visit someday. Bucket list. Thank you for your inspirational delivery and channel.

  30. princessrosana says

    Thanks for sharing:-)

  31. Michelyn Fashion says

    I love youuu.

  32. Kimm o says

    Can you do a video on your favorite Dôen pieces? I loveee the top you’re wearing!!

  33. Ace Hardy says


  34. Shefali Tate says

    Of all the trends you showed, I liked your doen shirt the best 😉

  35. S Wilson says

    My word, she has such a lovely calming, sweet voice! Enthusiasm without shouting! I dislike being commanded to wear trends….I wore a uniform at school! I'll definitely be watching more videos!

  36. Charlie Pardis says

    I love that blouse of yours: those sleeves are adorable! That shade of blue looks particularly nice on you. Also I really appreciate the softness and kindness of your tone. It’s a nice change from most fashion videos I’ve seen so far – shows you don’t have to be loud to look confident. Cheers!

  37. Amanda H says

    Thank you Audrey for another great and lovely presentation <3. I have to say though as I dive into historical looks and current trends – more and more do I dislike bralettes , corsets and bras peaking out from clothing as I find this trend tasteless and tacky. I am loving the Bermuda shorts but only if they are tailored to fit your body otherwise feel like your raided your grandmas closet,the same can be said for the 90's "mom" jeans and acid wash – don't go around looking like you raided your moms high/ college school closet! the 80's & 90's fashions were ugly ! keep them in the past!

  38. J Spann says

    Great topic and nice examples for us to view. I am SO happy to hear that true red is back and will certainly add a few pieces to my collection. 
    Audrey, wondering if you might show us how to organize our closet for the season. Do you group outfits together? or do you keep all the tops together, bottoms together, etc…. I have trouble trying to remember what pieces I have planned together as an outfit (top, bottom, sweater, purse, scarf…) What suggestions might you have to help me use my wardrobe to it's fullest potential? Thanks for all you do!!

  39. Furkan says

    The most elegant women style was at Sixties. This is my opinionen.

  40. Dodi Senna says

    Thank you Audrey! Your videos inspire me to dress better ????

  41. Brenda Michelle says

    Great video babe ! Your such an inspo ???? new YouTube here all the support would mean everything ????

  42. Katherine Margeson says

    Thank you for creating a straight to the point and organized video with such useful tips.

  43. Sarah Thatcher says

    Many people are commenting on how lovely her top is….ya for $148 it ought to be. It's not even organic cotton and it's part viscose ( not sure from what source). It will be interesting to see how long it actually stays in her wardrobe.

  44. Vain As Hell says

    Those images are so inspiring. Lovely ❤️

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