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200MPH Street Racing – Turbo Vipers vs H2 Bike, Supra, Huracan


Now this is what we’re talking about! 1000-1800hp cars racing up to 200mph on the streets of Oklahoma – it doesn’t get much better than this! The 405 is notorious for Street Outlaws style racing, but this time we took to the highways for some INTENSE roll racing. The Calvo Performance Vipers stole the show, going undefeated against ANYTHING that pulled up next to them. Big thanks to Calvo and everyone who gave us a ride!

Supercharged & Nitrous Viper Feature:

1600hp Viper Instagram:
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  1. 1320video says

    The yellow Viper's fire was extinguished with the bottles you see being sprayed at the end of that clip, luckily there were only a few burned up wires and melted plastic pieces – everyone with the fire extinguishers saved the car from major damage, thank you guys!

  2. 1CoLoRz2 says

    Anyone else notice the foxbody's rotors glowing when they raced?

  3. mastalee says

    I would of thought people running that type of power would carry a couple of fire extinguishers

  4. Stan Potter says

    I have 2 sedans of similar weight, one with 200hp and the other with 275hp. The difference in usable power is dramatic. One is a dog, the other feels really snappy. I can't even fathom what 1000 or 1400 or 1800 hp must feel like. Holy crap! And the sound of those things…so cool.

  5. Rui Manuel says


  6. Luqman X Sadiq says

    Car on ? omg, from racing ,

  7. kwasg3 says

    Fox body "Never roll raced but we're gonna try it…"
    "Wanna roll at 60?"
    "I was thinking 25"…

  8. Naked Mind says

    holy shit the big boiis are in town

  9. Mark Paul says

    I actually like this aloy

  10. Mr Man says

    These car owners have so much more heart than queefs like streetspeed or OMI, etc.

  11. David Anderson says

    Must be nice

  12. Trey Rahman says

    That First Viper is Mental ?????????

  13. Bobby Bessette says

    My favorite car. 911 Turbo ?

  14. Reid Lemesany says

    If you dont want to kill your own chilled I suggest you stop. Demons will take it out of u and your family

  15. Reid Lemesany says

    Turn your self in quit breaking the law demons will take it out of u and your family quit risking people's lives

  16. Dominofka says

    19:30 this car is actually fire

  17. poplicker4 says

    that foxbody was glowingg

  18. Shawn Gayle says

    Those r some really bad bad cars

  19. CommunismToastCrunch says

    This makes me like vipers better now

  20. SsanekK24 TV says

    Негатив! Один по отношению к США!

  21. Toe Rogan says

    Imagine being a trucker and your trying not to fall asleep at 4AM then these fuckers come flying past you

  22. Rilla Cope says


  23. Eh Idk says

    4:56 when i get my chips stolen

  24. Elishah Martinez says

    Little mustang kept roasting his brakes. No wonder he pulled the chute.

  25. Wun Lo says

    This is exactly why I keep a fire extinguisher in my modified car. I'm glad other people that night had some on hand to help the homie out!

  26. Ray Busa says

    Time for turbo busa to take over

  27. Juan Matienzo says

    Everyone overlooked that Subie @1:50

  28. xtiberiusx88 says

    no dde fam tut tut

  29. Derek Willis says

    I wanna see the purple viper vs the red gtr

  30. SpyderRios says

    Sequential gearbox Viper is a thing of beauty.

  31. Hm hm Darkness says

    When you thought that 911 turbo was going to take off but that viper came right back

  32. Price less says

    I work with tanks and dam that is loud

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