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20 MUST HAVE iOS 13 Shortcuts – Best iOS 13 Siri Shortcuts 2020 !


20 iOS 13 shortcuts that you must have in 2020. Best iOS 13 Siri shortcuts that you can get on iOS 13 in 2020 that are very useful as well.

20 must have iOS 13 shortcuts. Best shortcuts to get on the new iOS 13, you can use these shortcuts to preform different tasks on your iOS 13 device. To download these shortcuts check the pinned comment.

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  1. iReviews says

    The links are here, but so is my Instagram account.
    It would be awesome if you would FOLLOW me: https://www.instagram.com/i_reviews/

    Dictate To Notes: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/645d3adb1c27456fb2b6e29de6fb0072
    Alarms /w intervals: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/set-alarms-with-5-minute-intervals/
    Reverse Image Search: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/835
    Combine Images: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/combine-images/
    Make WiFi QR: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/a375e495048b4ceeb10d6ad8025a6b79
    iPhone Mockups: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/1909
    Live Photos To Instagram Stories: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/1314368dd12c47579492f49a30431638
    IG Story Camera: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/instagram-story-camera/
    Add To Homescreen: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/add-a-url-app-or-shortcut-to-your-home-screen-with-a-custom-icon/
    WiFi Toggle: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/wifi-toggle-2/
    Resize Image: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/resize-image/
    EXIF Photo Details: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/913
    Get Gif: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/7f079959b38b46f7ad20eb2f87cd7a23
    Convert Live To GIF: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/convert-live-to-gif/
    Speedy Translate: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/7abf09df1cab4913867b1ec229f1cea5
    Apple Profile: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/2018
    Change Auto Lock: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/f894a58658e34973bfd058891e60500c
    PDF: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/pdf-maker/
    Network Stuff: https://shortcutsgallery.com/shortcuts/network-stuff/
    Extract PDF Pages: https://routinehub.co/shortcut/4495

  2. Real Adro says

    Can you have a link to your amazing shortcuts please ???

  3. Meet Patel says

    Is there any way I can open home screen added website (through shortcut) directly into the safari?

  4. gabrielle rivera says

    Adjust speed to 1.25x. You’re welcome.

  5. Raghu Veer says

    How do I create reverse image search shortcut?

  6. IMO. Yue says

    I can’t find any of the shortcuts

  7. Revant Tiku says

    Can you please Show me IOS 14 Shortcuts

  8. Whynikk says

    Shortcuts gallery is down, nothing works.

  9. learn to learn says

    I like it, downloaded most of them ..subscribed as well .

  10. Sahib Singh says

    Loved it really

  11. Sule Atta says

    Hi, I cant seem to find most of these shortcuts in my gallery. Do you have any suggestions on how we can get them? Thanks

  12. Marek says

    i can't find wifi toggle in the shortcuts

  13. Bojack HorsinAround says

    Great shortcuts.

    Wish I knew how to make them.

  14. MANAV SPOLIA says

    Its not downloading its saying u need to run it first before saving from unknown source

  15. Matt Pali says

    Can you please do a shortcut to remove duplicates from a playlist as I have so many of the same songs in the same playlist.

  16. DIVINE SHOTRU says

    Plz make a vid how to create those short cuts… ??

  17. Nsp says

    Is there a shortcut that allows you to combine several files into one file?

  18. Nsp says

    Is there a way or shortcut to crop multiple photos at the same time?

  19. Pranav Keer says

    Very useful, thank you!!!

  20. Zyz zyz says

    I need a quick shortcut to change from using face id to unlock phone to using unlock code to unlock phone, and back.

  21. MSA says

    Very useful man. Thanks for sharing

  22. Peabo Bryson says

    Is there a link to download these shortcuts?

  23. ToNeSpOT says

    Love these. Thanks for sharing.

  24. mike sara says

    Can you give me some music app free for iPhone like that TeaTube? Thank you very much.

  25. Xepthar says


  26. Toxic VibeeZ says

    im sad i cant download the shortcutssss ??????

  27. ARUN RAMADAS says

    Here is a Morning routine shortcut. It will dictate the day, time, upcoming events, tasks for today, the current temperature with uv index and precipitation chance. Will remind you to charge your battery and automatically turns on low power mode if battery is low. Will also reads out the business news and sports news for the day. You can set limit for yourself. https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/c5167549608e43e1816bcb6446c99715. Do lemme know if it helps

  28. Giovanni Ortiz says

    But how do you get to that shorcuts cuz I cannot find alarm w/intervals in shorcut neither dictate to note. It have 5 actions inside the shorcut

  29. Varun Bora says

    Would like to have the pdf shortcut…please share the shortcut!!

  30. Makaveli Jivit says

    Like the video. Where is the shortcuts link?

  31. John Mendez says

    Very useful, thanks Alot.

  32. Andrej Stemmle says

    These 20 shortcuts are pretty cool.
    I‘ve installed the Widget-toggle to disable the wifi.
    Yesterday it worked like it’s supposed to. Today however, it’s gone.
    The toggle is still in the widget and one can tap on it, but unfortunately nothing happens.
    Greetings from Winterthur (Switzerland)

  33. J Engelkirk says

    Great video and useful shortcuts! I like your IPhone wallpaper of the mountains, cabin and lake. Where did you get it?

  34. Brad Watson says

    Unintentional ASMR! That's why I'm here!

  35. Mahesh Mohan says

    Could you please share the link of the lock screen wallpaper?



  37. Carlo Sampang says

    Feels like he's whispering to my ear this whole video

  38. Ahmed Dewidar says

    How can i add this Shortcuts i can’t find it by searching on it at gallery in shortcut

  39. piyush khanna says

    Thank u so much!! Bcz of you, I’m now able to have a shortcut which toggle b/w WiFi & Mobile Data. I need not to go to Control center having multiple clicks. All it takes a one click from Home Screen

  40. Mark Macas says

    Is there a shortcut to turn on/off all notifications from all apps?

  41. Max six says

    pc wallpaper?

  42. Ajay Burse says

    You’re Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  43. How Tube says

    Good One

  44. Harry Kravet says

    Even my bank accounts where hacked !! This is true free hacker shit. Any child can use it. Apple is so fucked ?

  45. Harry Kravet says

    If you want to get your phone hacked ? Have fun with shortcuts……

  46. Danu Setia Nugraha says

    Am I the only one iOS users that never thought Siri Shortcut is so powerful ?

  47. Dexm YT says

    you forgot about instasave

  48. Dan Deleon says

    I can feel the moisture in your voice.

  49. Buddy Pat says

    Wallpaper link please? So many people are asking but you haven’t responded yet.

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