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20 Comfort Foods From Around The World


In a time when much of the world is facing lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic, unable to see family and friends in person, many of us are turning to food for comfort. Different dishes are considered comfort food around the world, but they’re all typically high in sugar, fat, and salt. These flavors are key in not only making us feel happy but also in solidifying these dishes in our memories. Twenty people from different cultural backgrounds shared what their favorite comfort food is and what it means to them, and we looked at how their dish of choice is made.

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20 Comfort Foods From Around The World

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  1. Cehbin black says

    Don't talk about cheese I get issues ??

  2. KRABBES says

    My favorite comfort food is fried eggs on top of white rice so you break the yolk and it runs all over the rice it’s really good and cheap

  3. KRABBES says

    Dude everyone is like oh the British dude like toast lol

    Dude shut up I would kill for peanut butter toast when I’m in bed everyone has that topping for a bread

  4. Gerald Gutierrez says

    Isn't Comgee the porridge in Mulan?

  5. XO says

    Everyone laughing at US but, grilled cheese, arepas and the Brazilian cheese bread are just different versions of the same dish ?

  6. Nikki Mendoza says

    Grandma and moms always make food better..

  7. yd RH says

    헐……. ㄷㄷㄷㄷ 맨 처음에 김치찌개!!!! ㅍㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

    난 그럼 된장찌개…… ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  8. ka n says

    Lahmacun is originated from Turkey soooo

  9. Luke Saleem says

    Yeah like I'd like think a steak pie and chips is more comforting than any marmite toast.

  10. Meechie 89 says

    Griot yummm but tasso kabrit is my go to

  11. Shahriman Alam Shaan Sarker says

    Really sad that you guys couldn't include Bangladesh in it 🙁

  12. Earper Gurl says

    Just now seeing this video but I actually have two go to comfort foods and each are absolutely horrible for you health wise but just so gosh darn good. I’m American but I’m from the South my two dishes are Chicken and Dumplings & a dish called Poppy Seed Chicken (casserole type dish). Both are so yummy and in our family we usually wind up fighting over the leftovers they are so good.

  13. Officer K says

    Funny how Turks in the comments getting angry at Armenia for "stealing" their food when they literally stole their land

  14. Dominique Dailo says

    the english guy has the saddest comfort food compared to the others lol

  15. Marco Cappa says

    In Italy my favourite comfort good is pasta al forno, basically you precook pasta(only rigatoni)but for like half the time (so it's slightly crunchy), you then put things like scamorza cheese or mozzarella cheese, homemade ragù, pieces of sausage, bread crumbs to make it reeaaaal crunchy, etc…; you then just put everything (already mixed) in a baking dish (like a lasagna) and you just put a lot of bread crumbs, cheese and/or even eggs/meatballs on top. Slap it in the oven and cook it as you like( golden, slightly burned, etc…) You have to see italian channels to understand how good it looks.

  16. FireFrog says

    At least have tomato soup with that grilled cheese for a bit more culture. ?

  17. Wendy Galindo says

    My comfort food is tacos, eating tacos always builds up my HAPPINESS ? tortillas, Carne Asada, cilantro , onion and some guacamole green salsa .. ???

  18. Darling Jessi says

    A Hot bowl of Buttery, Cheesy Grits and Bacon. Add scrambled eggs and toast.??? Heaven. American Cuisine.???

  19. Adam Gray says

    Mon the rolls n totty scones!!!!

  20. Shana J says

    Congee is southern Chinese comfort food. Northern Chinese would be like wonton soup or dumplings and its soup

  21. Ninjasophiax says

    comfort food for le covid
    me : bruh what a had comfort food cus i was bored

  22. el padrino says

    Why feature pakistan and not India ?

  23. Thanatar13 says

    Congee's a strong pick for China, but I'm gonna recc my fave of bacang (zongzi/lotus rice are similar stuff) here. Glutinous rice, wrapped in leaves and steamed, with assorted fillings ranging from meat, sausages, mushrooms, various types of beans, pork fat, etc… it's glorious. Growing up it was basically culinary gold for my family living kinda rural North America (not much bacang 🙁 ) so we'd freeze a bunch- but from there it gained more meaning to me as my ama made it for me a lot when I was in Singapore.

  24. Baran Soner says

    Lahmacun belongs to Turkey

  25. J P says


  26. Fadhil Ramadhan says

    its been 3 months?!

  27. guy feri says

    As an American you don't even need to cook it just eat bread, cheese, and ham separately or not it doesn't matter you don't even need the heat

  28. My Planet Earth says

    Aalo ki Tarkari ??
    I love that dish

  29. Damien Dunbar says

    I can’t tell you the last time I personally craved grilled cheese and I’m American.

  30. nap ing says

    Oh my god all these people are absolutely beautiful

  31. Cyrus Dickinson says

    My favorite comfort food is lumpia and tinolang manok but when I'm sick, my favorite food to eat is arroz caldo which is the Filipino equivalent of congee

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