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1985 Nissan Wellington 500 race start.


One of the first Group A races in the South Pacific/Asia region. Includes cars not seen very often racing to these regulations.

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  1. Brendan Williams says

    Great stuff, who are the commentators in this race?

  2. Dipipegb says

    I remember watching that and checking the cars out after the race.

  3. Brem says

    Ha! NZ Safety is one of the sponsors on a container at 2:47

  4. Anthony Kernich says

    I wouldn't want to crash on that track!!

  5. dj17q says

    Whoa, great video. Have been waiting to see this for years. Do you have the full length, and can it be done in better quality? I am fascinated with the one and ONLY semi group A XE Falcon –  so much potential but what a shame Ford Australia just didnt want to mess around with the idea for a fully spec vehicle. Have heard a lot about this car, so fast that no Group A Jaguar and BMW could even come close. Running road going street gearbox, diff and brakes, the yellow Falcon is badly handicapped and sure enough it didn't last long. What a shame this car was later stolen and lost forever. Such significant historic car.

    Ford Falcon 1960 – 2016

  6. Olli Das911er says

    te track… oh my god . XD

  7. James Willey says

    F#%king tractor tyres!!!!

  8. Group A SS Commodore VK 308 V8 says

    Wait nearly 30 years to see this car on film. If only………

  9. Andrew Anderson says

    Great footage 🙂

  10. Holden308 says

    Actually, the FIA delegate at the the 1985 Wellington 500, 1960 Armstrong 500 winner John Roxborough, voiced serious concerns about the track as it didn't pass regs according to him. The promoters got around it by re-wording it from being an International to a National race, thus eliminating the need for FIA approval.

  11. Alex says

    This track: FIA rating 5000!

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