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  1. I'm old enough to remember women from this era. They were polite,
    they didn't swear, they were modest, and they sought to be ladies.
    By the way, they were not weak.

  2. Tight waisted corsets, padding and being given an allowance from ones husband? No thank you. This look might work for the 20 somethings, but by 30 one was considered "matronly". The reality for most women was the simple cotton or wool house-dress, a cardigan and sensible shoes.

  3. Women wore pants. Trousers were what they called them. Take a look at some pictures of Marlene Dietrich and many woman followed her lead, along with Babe Paley, Irene Dunne and many other movie stars. It sure beats the low-slung jeans of today. I love the longer dresses of the late '40s and all of the '50s — Dior's New Look. They made the earlier '40s dresses and suits look skimpy. They were revealing in their own way: women had to have a shape not be like teenage boys or ironing boards.

  4. Part 2: BTW the fact that I express my opinions is not something that might cause harm to you, what happened to free speech? I am also tired of this new bull…. that there is free speech as long as it is not the other who practices it. Believe me honey your man is more of a douchebag than me, who also was raised in the old school lifestyle. Your precious modern women are no match in anything to women of past ages, they were decent, hardworking, modest and more feminine and feminist than you.

  5. Being lectured on being civilized and in politeness by an american mangina/ feminazi like you just adds to my point about how low this world has become. I am sorry if I offended your fine tastes of guetto women, oh sorry you actually call them "bitches" in good ole' USA, where they have great values, excellent taste and never ever use drugs or drink till they drop on the floor. Naturally the fact that women used to behave with decor is abhorrent to fine "ladies" like you right? My apologies!

  6. Good lord do you have such backwards mentality. You have no idea how life was back then. You spout the typical " I hate Femanazi" bullshit yet you don't realize its asses like you who talk so much shit and constantly want to define what should be a womens role. Maybe if YOU civilized yourself and cut the douchebagness women wouldn't be so afraid to be women.

  7. As Obi Wan would say: "More civilized times". Today many feminist and feminazis talk about women's rights and dignity, IMO the ladies of the 40's to 60's had all the rights and more dignity than any modern woman (notice how I don't speak of modern day ladies). I should have been born half a century before and be spared the agony of living in a society where values, culture, sound money, good taste and of course really beautiful ladies are virtually extinct. Maybe in another life!

  8. That looks pretty cool. I'm cast in my college production Zoot Suit and I have to do a character analysis. I've got a very small part, just got to "create a character" the director says. I'm white and very conservative, and he says I just need to research how a conservative white woman would be taking all this zoot suit riot stuff in. I'm supposed to be in the jury, so I guess I also have to tell what was going through my character's mind in the jury when (my character) found them guilty, etc.

  9. i missed out on all this by not being born till the late 60's. Many women don't know how to dress or act like ladies. I've seen some girls in dresses and heels who look like you might have dressed up a cow with the way they walk and act. we may have gained equal rights for women and i applaud that, but we also have lost alot of our femininity. we need to bring back charm and beauty classes.

  10. My God….our ancestors would be ashamed of us…look at the way people dress today…like hookers.
    I prefer 1950's fashion and music, but I love the 40's as well 🙂

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